our expertise in switzerland.

Our clients have placed their trust in us for more than 220 years, allowing us to serve one generation after the next while remaining faithful to our primary mission: preserving and growing their wealth.

Born in Switzerland, ours is the bank for entrepreneurs. Our Managing Partners are both owners and managers. And our bankers pay close attention to their clients' needs, developing long-term relationships with them and making Lombard Odier a bank of reference.

To ensure this proximity to our clients, we are present in five offices: in Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne, Fribourg and Vevey. Both in Switzerland and abroad, our expertise has been acknowledged with numerous awards.

investment specialists at your side

Our roots lie in Switzerland, but our vision is international. We invest in the principal markets and have more than ten booking centres globally. With in excess of 200 analysts and investment specialists, we deliver quality research and form true investment convictions. In addition to investment performance, we pay particular attention to managing the tax impact of your investments1 to be able to offer you the best possible overall performance.

I appreciate feeling truly included and valued at Lombard Odier. The ease of contact and the teams' flexibility are important to me: I feel that I can give and swap ideas, while remaining in control.2

As a Swiss private bank, tailor-made investment solutions are at the heart of our approach. We cover all asset classes, whether listed (shares, bonds, funds, etc.) or unlisted (private assets, private equity, infrastructure, etc.). To provide our clients with the best solutions on the market, we have also developed the PrivilEdge platform, which brings together the external solutions selected by our in-house specialists.

We have been developing a sustainable investment approach for more than 20 years. We have strengthened our expertise and teams in this area, with the conviction that sustainability is a core principle of long-term investing and will be an important source of future returns.

wealth planning: experts to build your future

To be sustainable and innovative in the long term, it is not enough to just manage the present. We must also plan for the future. That's why we continue to develop our wealth planning services, which are at the heart of our mission as private bankers.

In a rapidly changing world, wealth planning is key. People change business and domicile more frequently. The wealth and members of the same family are increasingly spread around the world, requiring a global approach.

As an entrepreneur, I was impressed by the expertise of Lombard Odier's teams, who supported our family's plans and went well beyond portfolio management – be it the relocation of my mother to a different country or the development of my company in Switzerland.2

As a business steeped in family tradition, with Managing Partners who represent up to the seventh generation of the Bank's founding families, we are also naturally oriented towards the next generation, and can support you in all matters surrounding family governance and intergenerational transfers.

Services such as planning the transmission of assets and tax-efficient management (TEM), delivered by our teams of experts and our international network, provide real added value for our clients.

organising your pension so you can enjoy it now

Pension assets are not subject to either income or wealth tax. But as they are managed separately and are segregated from other banking assets, their tax features are not generally used to best advantage.

At Lombard Odier, thanks to our system of consolidation and integrated wealth management, we can sit down with you and rethink the architecture of your company's pension fund and your own pension plan and/or vested benefits account. Our approach covers all your assets, so we can allocate high return financial assets to your pension account and low return assets with the potential for capital appreciation to your private account. As a result, you could benefit from better performance with no increase in risk.

To offer you a complete range of services, we have also forged partnerships with several recognised pension funds, such as Elite, Liberty and Trianon.

real estate: supporting you and your plans

Buying a property is always an important step in the life of our clients, and we can help you finance it with a Lombard loan3. A Lombard loan is a fixed-rate loan or agreed advance payment backed by investments pledged or deposited as collateral, up to a certain percentage of their value. With a Lombard loan, the assets remain invested, so the borrower retains all the advantages attached to the assets (e.g. voting rights and dividends for equity positions).

Our global asset management approach looks at both your assets and your liabilities. As we do not provide mortgage loans ourselves, we can give you independent advice. Thanks to our in-house expertise in Swiss franc interest rates, we can advise you on matters like the choice of mortgage structure, term, rate and renewal – according to your particular situation and market conditions. To give you the best advice, we have also arranged privileged access to recognised partners, such as the broker MoneyPark.

human relationships, digital technology

We believe in human relationships enhanced by cutting-edge technology. We have been investing in the development of our own technology platforms for more than 25 years, from our core banking system to our dedicated client interfaces.

Lombard Odier is an exceptional bank. Thanks not only to its people skills, but also to the fabulous IT tools it has developed, as evidenced in particular by its first-class reports.2

We have developed several digital solutions, such as the e-banking platform My LO, where our clients can view their portfolios in a highly secure environment as well as follow market news and our analyses.

Our expertise is also recognised by our peers and the industry: more than 200 financial institutions, including international banks, have adopted our digital solutions to date.

committed philanthropists who understand your aspirations

Our Group has always been involved in philanthropy, whether on our own behalf with the Lombard Odier Foundation, or on behalf of our clients. At Lombard Odier, we can support you and help you translate your aspirations into concrete actions. Together, we can design and structure your philanthropic projects to reflect your values and optimise their impact.

We can help you make your own foundation more effective or support you through our umbrella foundation, Fondation Philanthropia, which we created over a decade ago. So while we manage the administration, you can focus on achieving your philanthropic goals.

1 Bank Lombard Odier & Co Ltd does not provide tax advice. Clients requiring tax advice should consult an independent tax advisor.
2 These quotes come from discussions with Lombard Odier clients. They are taken from a survey conducted in the first half of 2019, in which a panel of clients took part in individual interviews.
3 Although it has the same name, the Lombard loan has no connection to our Bank.

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