our banking platform - by wealth managers, for wealth managers.

In designing quality products that we wanted to use, we discovered that other financial institutions wanted to benefit from what we had created. Today, companies around the world are using our solutions to simplify their processes and focus on their core business.

So whether you’re a private bank, an institutional investor or a Family Office, you can take advantage of IT and banking services two centuries in the making, yet tailored to your needs.

We designed G2, our banking platform, because we wanted a solution we could rely on. Today, G2 is trusted by financial institutions worldwide to simplify everything they do.

  • G2 is solid, managing billions in assets and thousands of accounts.
  • G2 is flexible, with an infrastructure that is easily deployable.
  • G2 is independent, designed by us for us and other businesses with similar needs – so we can react quickly to environmental and regulatory changes.
  • G2 is fully integrated, with front office, banking operations and accounting services all in one place.

front office

G2 offers portfolio analysis, management and reporting, as well as CRM functions, mobile solutions and digitalisation.

banking operations

Functionality includes trading & forex, back office, risk management, compliance and tax.


G2 includes a full accounting package, along with management information systems, regulatory reporting and financial reporting.

improve what you do

We designed G2 to be sharp. Integrated reporting gives your client a complete view of their entire portfolio.

We also designed it to be intelligent. G2 will help you develop a full advisory concept with trade recommendations that keep you up-to-speed with the macroeconomic environment, while the built in constraints engine will help you structure tax-efficient portfolios.

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