our banking platforms.

    Our banking platform, G2, is renowned among professional investors as one of the most sophisticated in the wealth management industry.

    We have been developing G2 internally for 30 years to continually innovate and modernise the platform, resulting in many features that are unique to our solution.

    integrated and secure.

    integrated and secure.

    G2’s strength for front office applications lies in its comprehensive integration with CRM and customer lifecycle management processes, enabling bankers to easily navigate between their clients’ dedicated spaces and the management of their portfolios within a single system. The front office platform is also directly connected to our clients’ e-banking interface, My LO, ensuring the full integration of end-to-end customer interactions.

    We have incorporated several risk management tools into the banking platform. These allow us to carry out compliance checks at orders and operations levels and to integrate specific controls for each client. For example, special portfolio management requirements and country- or tax status-specific restrictions may be automatically coded within G2.


    flexible and collaborative.

    G2 is ideal for private clients with holdings across different asset classes, currencies and jurisdictions. External asset managers use it to efficiently manage portfolios through an integrated trading and settlement infrastructure for different booking centres. And family offices use G2 to consolidate and control customer accounts.

    G2 enables our advisory team to generate investment ideas and convey them to bankers through the portfolio management application and then to clients through My LO. These investment ideas support ‘intelligent’ asset allocation that aligns with clients’ investment preferences, tax profiles and experience levels, as defined by the Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFID) II regulations.


    transparent and efficient.

    G2 creates the transparency needed to navigate the financial markets and construct portfolios with tax-optimal investment strategies, while accounting for the administrative requirements that regulations impose on asset management.

    Our secure interface, My LO, enables private clients to consolidate multiple portfolios and offers a comprehensive overview of their assets and liabilities in different markets, currencies and jurisdictions. The portfolio analysis tool provides a thorough breakdown of performance attribution for each position. And clients can access market data, Lombard Odier research, their banking correspondence and a secure messaging tool that allows real-time communication with their relationship manager.

    My LO is available on desktop and mobile in six languages.


    GX programme: reinventing the banking experience.

    As a leader in private banking technology, we completed an in-depth examination of industry trends and issues to anticipate the customer needs, technologies and innovations of the future. Following this extensive analysis, we decided to initiate a multi-year programme to modernise our banking platform. Through this significant investment in our technology, the GX programme will enable us to maintain a competitive advantage by continuing to offer our clients the best technology in the market. This modernisation programme includes several components designed to foster three axes of innovation:

    • Modernise technologies
    • Rethink and digitalise our processes
    • Improve the customer experience

    These axes each emphasise governance and data architecture, which enables the implementation of machine learning and advanced analyses. The programme also includes programming interfaces (APIs) and open ecosystems to accelerate the innovation process.

    Driven by our long-standing commitment to innovation, we’re embracing the future by building the next generation of our platform to deliver the best experience for our clients, empower bankers, streamline the operating model, upgrade our technology and ensure security and privacy

    We have created a dedicated project team that combines the expertise of private banking specialists with the vision of young talent. Aside from the construction of our new headquarters in Geneva, the GX programme will be our most significant financial investment in the coming years.

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