wealth management and private banking in France.

    We have been specialist asset allocators and wealth managers for over 200 years, and we know that everyone has a different life story. 

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    Each one of our clients has taken their own special and unique path, whether they are business leaders or co-founders, shareholders, self-employed or owners of the family business. That is why we take the time to understand your personal situation so we can offer you investment and asset solutions tailored to your needs.

    Lombard Odier was one of the first Swiss private banks to open an office in Paris, in 2001. As a privately-held group, entirely owned by its Managing Partners, we specialise in wealth management, financial planning and asset engineering. 

    Our roots lie in Switzerland, but our vision is international. With more than 25 offices, Lombard Odier combines local presence with international reach. 

    Deeply committed to sustainability, we have developed a wide range of sustainable investment solutions and recognised expertise. In 2019, we became the first global wealth and asset manager to obtain B Corp certification.


    Sustainable investing as a core investment conviction

    customised global advisory and wealth management services for the long term.

    Your estate is more than just a sum of assets: it is a vehicle for creating, investing and passing on wealth. At Lombard Odier, our aim is to become your strategic partner. Because our expertise goes far beyond the financial management of your wealth. 

    We aspire to support you and your family members throughout your life projects with a personalised approach based on your goals, taking your short, medium and long-term needs and aspirations into account. We also act at the different stages of your professional and personal life, bringing together specialists qualified in asset structuring and financial planning. Your banker coordinates the expertise needed to manage your wealth.

    Thanks to our network of experts across our various offices, you will benefit from a global yet local approach, no matter where you and your family members are based. This allows us to manage taxation, cross-border and international issues, structure your wealth to optimise asset holdings and offer assistance if you change your domicile. All our offices share our integrated, cutting-edge technology platform. This provides a consolidated view of all your accounts, whichever country you live in. We also produce reports to help you prepare your tax returns. 

    When necessary, your banker also works closely with an external network of experts in specific areas of law, tax, credit, insurance, and even mergers and acquisitions and venture capital, both in France and internationally. 


    investment solutions

    As a Swiss private bank, customised investment solutions are at the heart of our wealth management approach. We cover all asset classes, both listed (equities, bonds, funds, etc.) and unlisted (private assets, private equity, real estate, infrastructure, etc.). To provide our clients with the best solutions on the market, we have also developed an open-architecture investment fund platform that brings together external solutions selected by our specialists.

    With over 300 investment specialists around the world, we can provide innovative investment solutions within an asset management framework that is both robust and agile.


    wealth engineering: experts to protect and build your future. 

    At Lombard Odier, we carry out a complete and personalised analysis of your needs, so we can offer you long-term customised solutions. We begin by getting to know you, spending time with you to gain an understanding of your personal, family and professional environment. We then assess your needs and adapt the management of your assets to your tax position, your individual and family situation and the country you live in.

    In addition to investment performance, we focus particular attention on managing the tax impact of your investments to give you the best possible overall performance after tax. We also structure your assets to anticipate particular events, such as the full or partial transfer of company shares or gifts, while still ensuring your loved ones are protected.

    As a company steeped in family tradition, we place particular importance on helping new generations to respect their family heritage. We support them with a family governance structure created and coordinated by our various experts to address issues relating to succession.

    Find out more about our wealth planning service.

    sustainability as a core investment conviction.

    We strongly believe that our world is going through the most significant economic transformation in history. Our economic model is no longer sustainable and can no longer support a global population of eight billion people. 

    In this context, integrating sustainability principles into portfolio construction allows investors to support this fundamental, structural transition in our economic models. Every sector we invest in is facing major sustainability challenges, forcing companies to adapt their current business models. 

    The sustainability revolution is well under way, and we are convinced that building portfolios aligned with sustainability principles is the most effective way to support this transition; it also offers the best prospects for preserving wealth invested for the long term. We have developed several science-based tools that allow us to contribute to the realisation of a carbon-neutral economy. 

    For example, our Implied temperature Rise (ITR) tool allows us to define the rate at which each sector needs to reduce its carbon emissions to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement: to limit global warming to 1.5°C. It is also a way to assess companies' decarbonisation trajectories and measure the alignment of our investments and portfolios with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

    We see no development more significant or more urgent than the need for a fundamental redesign of our economic model, which is currently unsustainable

    our strategic partnership with Oxford University.

    In 2020, Lombard Odier partnered with the University of Oxford to support teaching and research on sustainable finance and investment. Aside from the benefit of pioneering research in the field, the partnership allows us to work closely with the university and integrate the latest findings on the relationship between investments and sustainability into our investment strategies. The research collaboration is also a way of acquiring scientific knowledge that feeds into our sustainability strategy and investment decisions.


    B Corp certification.

    Lombard Odier has held B Corp certification since March 2019. This is one of the world's most esteemed independent sustainability certifications and is granted to companies that promote sustainability at the highest level.

    As a B Corp company, our aim is to set an example for good practice in this area, and show that the financial sector can be a powerful catalyst for changing the economic model by directing investment flows towards sustainable activities across all sectors.


    a cutting-edge technology platform.

    We have a long tradition of innovation at Lombard Odier. As a wealth and asset manager, our IT solutions are adapted to the world of investing and we have built our own cutting-edge wealth management platform: G2. Today, our platform is recognised and used by banks and financial institutions across Europe. 

    The platform provides an overview of all your portfolios across various accounts and, where necessary, even across different countries, using our exclusive and highly secure My LO interface. The application also provides payment and transfer functionalities, and gives preferential access to market data, our investment analyses and our "Rethink Perspectives" webinars. 


    our local and strategic partnerships.

    France Digitale

    Lombard Odier has been supporting France Digitale since 2016. France Digitale was established in 2012 and is the largest association of digital entrepreneurs and investors in France and Europe. The partnership further reinforces Lombard Odier's links and support of generations of entrepreneurs who combine digital know-how, talent, innovation and impact. 

    a member of the B-lab network

    As a B Corp-certified private bank, we are committed to helping other companies and project leaders achieve their impact certification, whether they are certified or in the process of certification. We regularly share our expertise in this area with networks of companies and entrepreneurs investing in, and concerned about, sustainability issues. 

    Edouard de Saint PierreLocal Managing Director

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