Discover the aspirations of Swiss high-net-worth investors

    What is driving the decisions of HNWIs in Switzerland today?  Are they concerned about the environment and sustainable finance? What is their perception of private assets? Are there differences in behavior between Swiss German and Swiss French speakers, or between generations? Download our report to understand their views.

    Lombard Odier survey: what are the investment priorities of HNWIs in Switzerland ?

    At Lombard Odier, we offer our clients a tailored and sustainable approach to help them achieve their goals. In order to gain a better understanding of the current expectations and concerns of investors, we conducted a survey of 300 high-net-worth Swiss residents (HNWI). In addition to their feelings about the current economic situation and the financial markets, we addressed two main themes: sustainable investment and private assets.

    Private assets favoured among Swiss investors

    The hunt for new sources of return is boosting investor demand for unlisted or "private" assets, which have often exceeded double-digit performance over the past 20 years1. These alternative investments include private equity, venture capital, real estate and infrastructure.

    Our survey results confirm Swiss investors’ growing interest in private assets, the vast majority of whom are seeking to increase their exposure to this asset class in future. The remarkable performance of private assets, and their attractiveness in terms of diversification, make them a particularly relevant investment in the current environment.

    Download our second report to find out why there is growing interest in private assets among Swiss investors.

    Swiss investors and sustainable finance: aspirations, concerns and future perspectives

    At Lombard Odier, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. It is our conviction that the sustainability revolution represents the greatest investment opportunity in modern history. What do Swiss investors think? Which sustainable topics do they favour? Do they plan to increase their allocations in the current conditions? What is their opinion on greenwashing?

    Download our first report to discover their perception of sustainable finance.

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