rethink everything®:
    a unique positioning.

    Rethink everything® is our philosophy. It is at the heart of everything we do. We have grown stronger through 40 financial crises, not by standing still and waiting for them to pass, but by re-evaluating the world around us. We constantly rethink the world to provide a fresh investment perspective for our clients. Discover more through our advertising campaigns here.

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    our campaigns. (2016-2022)

    Since 2016, in line with our rethink everything® philosophy, our ads have been presenting thought-provoking visuals on a variety of topical issues, including society, geopolitics, technology, food and sustainable investing. The ads are constructed using a bold image juxtaposed with a compelling and/or contrasting word. The thoughts that are expressed via these ads intrigue the viewer into wanting to discover more on the subject and serve to add to the collective debate on these world issues and act as a prompter to expand the audience’s thinking. 

    the sustainability revolution. (2018)

    This advertising campaign was a call to arms. We announced The Sustainability Revolution. A revolution that touches every country, sector and asset class. In other words, the single largest investment opportunity of all time. In this campaign, instead of exploring far and wide, we honed in on sustainable investing, against the visual backdrop of a world on fire and the notion that we are failing the next generation with our unsustainable economic model. Lombard Odier undertook the role of navigator across key mega trends such as demographics, our use of natural resources, climate change and the digital revolution.

    rethink investment. (2019)

    With our branding firmly underpinned by sustainability, we turned our attention to articulating the implications of this new economic order. One that is powered by companies. Using arresting visuals, we wanted to highlight companies with vision, leadership and a commitment to sustainability at their core. They are the drivers of change, or the ‘eagles’ of the world. They possess foresight and act with purpose. And conversely we have the ostriches. Ignorance, denial and tactical opportunism are the foundations of their strategy. On behalf of our clients, we select investment opportunities centred on the eagles.

    the CLIC® economy. (2020)

    As the pandemic blew a gale of uncertainty, our convictions, at Lombard Odier, remained undeterred. The Covid-19 crisis was a warning shot for society. A kind of stress-test impressing upon us the looming threat of climate catastrophe. It revealed that sustainability is not a luxury but essential and that companies must adapt to survive. We outlined the need to move from a WILD (Wasteful, Idle, Lopsided and Dirty) economy to a more sustainable model that we defined as the CLIC® (Circular, Lean, Inclusive and Clean) economy. Our duty is to provide the leadership and vision to invest in the CLIC® economy. 

    the CLIC® economy: natural capital. (2021)

    Along with our CLIC® vision came our investment strategies. In this campaign, we sought to raise awareness of nature’s true economic value. We wanted to reiterate that if we are to drive global economic growth, then we must acknowledge nature as the world’s most valuable industry, from which over 50% of global GDP derives. Our campaign showcased how this industry provides vital wealth creating services and is the true engine of our economy. Our Natural Capital strategy aims to invest in a circular bioeconomy that prospers through harnessing and preserving nature. 

    the CLIC® economy: net zero. (2021)

    The need to transition to net zero is urgent. Our work in this wave focussed on one irrefutable truth: it’s net zero or nothing. The sombre yet striking adverts showcased that the only companies worth investing in are the ones transitioning towards net zero. Inspired by our TargetNetZero strategies, our message outlined our rigorous, science-based approach that enables us to assess the carbon risk in portfolios and align investments with a net-zero target. We emphasised our expertise in building transition-fit portfolios that are both resilient and poised to benefit from the seismic shocks of a net-zero world. 

    the CLIC® economy: 1. beacon in the storm & 2. food systems (2022)

    The world is facing a myriad of crises but Lombard Odier remains steadfast in calmly guiding clients through this storm of uncertainty. For over two centuries, this has been our role. This campaign message reiterates our commitment to being a beacon in the storm for our clients and highlights the need to keep moving forward towards fundamental transformations in energy, food and materials systems. Starting with our Food Systems Strategy, the adverts focus on how we must move towards an agricultural model that uses 20% less land and returns it back to nature. By reducing animal agriculture, adopting alternative protein solutions and employing regenerative agricultural techniques, we can use our crops to feed more people and fewer cows and restore the soil’s biodiversity. 

    the CLIC® economy: electrification: history in the making (2023)

    History is in the making. Our campaign serves to highlight the vast opportunity that electrifying our economy brings. On both the supply and demand sides, innovative new electric technologies are crossing irreversible tipping points. Our future electrification strategy focusses on the unexpected opportunities as we move from 20% economy-wide electrification to 70%. The ads bring to light how history is repeating itself as we enter a new industrial revolution. A revolution we have seen time and time again where new technologies become not only mainstream but ubiquitous. Our visuals showcase how the traditional power grid is being upended by domestic solar installations, creating "virtual power plants" where homeowners will both consumer and produce energy. Electrification is not only changing how we heat and cool our homes but how we insulate them via green construction and natural fibre retrofitting. With costs plunging - this is about economics and not ideology. There isn't a moment to lose.

    the CLIC® economy: nature's regenerative power (2023)

    Nature is in peril. Our campaign serves to present nature in a new light - as an asset class. Investing in its regeneration will create continuous value and unlock new opportunities. As such, we aim to highlight the need to shift towards a regenerative mindset. Our visuals showcase the central role of nature-based solutions in restoring degraded land and creating a more climate-resilient economy. We highlight the extraordinary power of keystone species that both renew and sustain ecosystems where thousands of species thrive; we focus on the vital role of pollinators and natural pesticides in fuelling regenerative agricultural practices; and we put a spotlight on enhancing biodiversity and forest preservation. We, at Lombard Odier, believe that nature is the most transformative technology on Earth and should be revalued rather than depleted. Nature is worth investing in.

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    Our heritage is Swiss, yet our outlook and mind set are resolutely international. With over 25 offices globally, we are able to serve our clients all over the world.


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