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    Whether you’re a private or institutional investor, our Global Assets+ team (GA+) offers you much more than traditional asset servicing, with first-class global custody and state-of-the-art technological tools. You can control all your assets, thanks to our experts and a suite of secure, intuitive and agile digital solutions.

    global assets+

    Our primary mission is to provide you with all the services and tools you need to make the right decisions and become more efficient in the daily monitoring of your assets. Whether you’re an institutional investor such as a pension fund, a family office or a private investor with sizeable assets requiring in-depth monitoring (HNWI), you need transparency and control when managing your assets.

    We offer solutions for administering, analysing and consolidating your assets by providing a 360° view on your banking, digital or non-financial assets. These services are implemented to ensure that they meet your needs as closely as possible.

    Global Assets+ supports you with a unique combination of experts in banking transactions and financial analysis, and state-of-the-art banking technology designed and developed exclusively by Lombard Odier.


    Asset servicing: a comprehensive range provided by one of the best capitalised custodian banks

    Are you looking to consolidate your assets with a stable and solid institution? Recognised for its prudent balance sheet management for more than 220 years, our Group has one of the highest capital ratios in its class, which allows us to offer a first-class custodian service.

    Delegate the management of your cash or currency hedges to us. We can assist in implementing and monitoring overlay strategies. We can even consider the tax implications, by producing ad-hoc statements and support you in recovering withholding tax for many jurisdictions.

    We manage your stock exchange transactions (trading, settlement of transactions with third-party brokers) so you can focus solely on managing and controlling your assets. We provide a securities accounting service – compliant with several accountancy standards – for all client deposited assets at Lombard Odier Group. If needed, we can assist you in exercising your voting rights at the general meetings of the companies where you have invested.

    Control: customised, detailed analyses at each level of your asset consolidation

    At Lombard Odier, we go further than just a consolidation of your assets and regular reporting. You can use our dashboard to control your assets and make decisions. With Global Assets+ you can identify trends and risks to optimise your portfolios.

    By doing so, you can monitor the performance of any segment of your portfolio, evaluate the ESG (environment, social, governance) criteria, verify the contribution of your strategies, and measure the allocation and selection effects.

    Analyse risks and performance, compare your managers and assets against benchmark indices, and use our investment constraint monitoring tools.

    We are also developing methods to let your data "speak for itself" through our dedicated digital interface. The data can be further enhanced with application programming interfaces (APIs). Our experts will help guide you so you can make the most of the data that is available to you.

    Transparency: a consolidated view of all your assets

    GA+ meets the requirements of an increasingly diversified client base. We provide you with a view of all your assets, whether they are held with Lombard Odier or with third parties. Our solution allows you to monitor and analyse all your investments on a daily basis, while retaining complete freedom of choice over your managers, brokers and custodians.

    Whether you want to gain transparency in private markets or to analyse the carbon impact of your portfolios, Global Assets+ capitalises on years of financial expertise to provide you with the solutions you need. Now you can reduce the administrative and operational aspects of multiple sources of information and contacts to focus on the essentials.

    You can analyse every aspect of your investment universe in detail and have all the information you need, in real time, to make efficient decisions.

    You also benefit from full integration of non-traditional and non-bank assets. From digital assets, alternative funds or simply listed assets, all your assets are integrated.

    Your dedicated team will help you simplify your consolidations to meet your needs, while taking into account the specific features of the legal structures used. With our technology, you can access a fraction of the assets you hold, in a specific entity, in a matter of seconds. You can navigate in a simple and intuitive way.

    Eliminate areas of obscurity

    Keep your costs under control with a detailed analysis across your entire investment universe. We check the consistency of the data provided by third parties (total expense ratio (TER), other custodians, etc.) and organise it according to your approach and constraints.

    Our fund transparency solution lets you analyse your actual exposure to an issuer, currency, region or controversies of various kinds. For a complete analysis, you also benefit from our "best execution" reports for orders placed in our trading room.

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