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Our purpose is to help entrepreneurs, families and private individuals preserve, grow and transmit their assets over time.

Founded in 1796, we have served our clients for seven generations and grown stronger through 40 financial crises. Today, we look after over CHF 274bn of client total assets. 


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our sustainability manifesto video.

The next economic revolution is already underway.

The most fundamental shift in the history of humanity. And this revolution bears the name sustainability. Perhaps the single biggest investment opportunity in history.

our philosophy.

Our dream is to create not only a bank that people trust, but one that they grow to love.

We’ve grown stronger through 40 financial crises, not by standing still and waiting for them to pass, but by re-evaluating and rethinking the world around us. We’ve used imagination and innovation to create a different perspective on the world for us and our clients. It’s this ability and desire to constantly rethink that brings stability. That is what makes us different.



Lombard Odier is an independent firm, wholly owned by its six Managing Partners.

Our partnership model allows us to plot a steady, considered course. Generational transitions in the partnership take place over decades. We are inherently prudent. We never chase the fad of the moment. In a turbulent ever changing world, we offer stability.

As a privately owned bank, we’re free from market pressures and external public shareholders looking for ever-improving quarterly results. Instead, we can focus on serving our clients for the long term.


managing partners

Patrick Odier

Patrick Odier

Christophe Hentsch

Christophe Hentsch

Hubert Keller

Hubert Keller

Frédéric Rochat

Frédéric Rochat

Denis Pittet

Denis Pittet

Annika Falkengren

Annika Falkengren


  • Andrew Grabowski
  • Arnaud Leclercq
  • Bart van Leemput
  • Carl Verbrugge
  • Carolina Minio-Paluello
  • Christophe Gabriel
  • Didier Rabattu
  • Gérard Felley
  • Henry Fischel-Bock
  • Jean-Pascal Beyrard
  • Marc Lopez
  • Nathalia Barazal
  • Nino Kjellman
  • Stéphane Monier
  • Alexandre Meyer
  • Vincent Magnenat
  • Patrick Dequae
  • Jean-Pascal Porcherot


Our history of innovation has been consistently propped up by our long practice of adhering to the values of social responsibility. It’s these principles that inspired us to focus our sponsorship agenda on three distinct pillars: innovation, sustainable development and cultural projects.

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