custom asset management for business owners.

    Are you a business owner, a major partner or a majority shareholder of a company? 

    As a business owner, you own both company’s assets and private assets, and for these you need specific asset management services tailored to your needs that only a private bank such as ours can offer. From cash management to securities, from real estate to retirement planning, we will advise you how to preserve and grow your assets throughout your financial life.


    like many of our business owner clients, you may have thought to yourself:


    • I am paying a lot of tax. How can I achieve greater tax efficiencies?
    • How do I preserve and grow my assets?
    • When could I retire? How much would I have to live on?
    • How can I prepare to pass on my business?
    • How can I make sure my loved ones will be safe if the worst happens?


    As entrepreneurial bankers, we fully appreciate your concerns. That is why we have developed the specific expertise to meet your needs. We can provide you with personalised advice on structuring and managing your wealth in three areas:

    • Your company assets

    • Your private assets

    • Your pension assets

    holistic approach to tax-efficient investment and asset management.

    At Lombard Odier, we take a global approach to managing your assets. As custodian and manager of your private assets, we also want to be your partner in any considerations and decisions that affect your wealth as a whole. After all, these aspects are all connected. It is only by addressing your financial and asset situation as a whole that we can generate returns and optimise the structure of your wealth, particularly with regard to tax1, pension planning and your liquidity needs.

    In your investment decisions, we also take into account tax considerations. For example, we allow for the fact that capital gains are exempt from income tax and that certain classes of assets may have a limited impact on tax. Furthermore, the timing of the investment and the investment mix are also integrated. These considerations are essential to maximising the return on your portfolio. This tax-efficient approach is made possible by our global management and reporting tool. By providing an overarching view of different investment categories (free capital, pension capital, property, etc.), our platform makes it possible to see how your financial assets and liabilities are being managed so that that the tax base for your assets can be optimised, regardless of your profile and while maintaining the same risk level. 


    passing on your business, preparing for retirement and for the future.

    Whether you want to sell your company, launch a merger or acquisition, or look for funding solutions, we can help you implement your strategies. We can also recommend intermediaries to execute your transactions, which we can facilitate through our Lombard loan1 and cash management services.

    As a business owner, I was impressed by the expertise of Lombard Odier's teams, who supported our family's plans and went well beyond portfolio management, from the relocation of my mother to a different country to the development of my business in Switzerland 2

    The management of pension assets is also at the heart of our expertise. Occupational pension plans (Bel Etage tax-deductible buy-in pension scheme, and/or 1e flexible-strategy senior management company plans) are a key component of your overall assets. Our service helps you to optimise the structure for your wealth, not only through approved tax deductions, but by customising how these assets are invested. We have been managing pension assets for our clients for many decades, and built up a solid expertise in this field. 
    Thanks to our experts in wealth planning, we can advise you on the transfer and sale of a business, whether to a third party or family member, in particular through our Family Programme.


    1 Bank Lombard Odier & Co Ltd does not provide tax advice. Clients requiring tax advice should consult an independent tax advisor.
    2 The quotes are taken from a survey conducted by Lombard Odier in which a panel of clients took part in individual interviews.

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