Are you a business owner, a major partner or a majority shareholder of a company? 

As an entrepreneur, you own both your company's assets and private assets. We can help you manage the opportunities and risks involved in both. From cash management and securities to real estate and retirement planning, we will advise you on how to preserve and grow your wealth throughout your financial life.

We are entrepreneurial bankers. We understand your concerns. That's why we have developed expertise to meet your specific needs. We provide personalised advice on structuring and managing your wealth in three areas:

  • Your company assets

  • Your private assets

  • Your pension assets

Whether you are interested in selling your company or initiating a merger or acquisition, or are just looking for funding solutions, our dedicated business team can help you design and implement your strategies. We can also recommend intermediaries to execute your transactions, which we can facilitate through our credit and cash management offering.

Pension asset management is also at the heart of our expertise. A supplementary occupational pension (bel étage and/or 1e pension plans) is a strategic component of your total assets. It helps you find the best structure for your wealth, not only through approved tax deductions, but also through opportunities to personalise how these assets are invested. We have been managing pension assets for our clients for several decades, and more than CHF 1 billion is currently invested with us.

Lastly, our experts in wealth planning are on hand to advise you on transferring and selling a business, whether to a third party or family member, in particular through our Family Programme.

To learn more about our expertise for entrepreneurs, please visit our dedicated page. 

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