investment solutions.

    Investment Solutions is the investment management function of the private bank. Our sole focus is to care for, preserve and grow our clients’ wealth over the long term. With over 200 investment professionals working across the globe, we manage portfolios, generate innovative investment insights and employ them within a robust and nimble asset allocation framework.

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    investment philosophy.

    Our investment research team is among the largest of all Swiss private banks, and covers a broad spectrum, including:

    • Equities
    • Bonds (sovereign, corporate, convertible, etc.)
    • Investment funds
    • Alternative investments

    We use a structured investment process combining top-down asset allocation with our bottom-up convictions. As the world of lower economic growth reshapes traditional assets’ expected returns, we constantly rethink ways to improve investment outcomes.

    We combine expertise across traditional and alternative asset classes with state-of-the-art portfolio construction techniques to help our clients unlock the right opportunities in a fast-evolving investment world

    Our strategic asset allocation goes beyond traditional investment strategies. We invest in differentiating, return-generating strategies that reflect the new economic and geopolitical realities.

    portfolio management.

    At Lombard Odier, we construct portfolios based on our clients’ goals, risk appetite, personal and tax circumstances. Our portfolio managers offer both discretionary and advisory investment services.

    With our discretionary offering, we invest on behalf of our clients. We draw on proven market expertise to help our clients achieve their financial goals. Our advisory solutions give our clients a two-way relationship with a dedicated banker who liaises with our investment experts. This investment service enables you to be in control but not alone.


    private assets.

    We see many reasons to include private assets as part of a well diversified, long-term investment strategy. The benefits can include enhanced returns versus public markets, reduced volatility given lower exposure to short-term market movements, and greater portfolio diversification. Private assets are best suited to investors who can place capital for the long run and tolerate illiquidity. We favour a multi-year investment strategy across private asset classes, combined with traditional liquid assets as part of our ‘total wealth’ approach.


    macroeconomic strategy.

    Leveraging on our global reach and expertise, we deliver market intelligence and wealth management know-how that matters to our clients. Our solutions are focused on real value creation. Our views are fundamental in nature, macro-focused and complemented by bottom-up convictions. Our experts span all asset classes and investment strategy styles.

    Our teams analyse the economic forces that shape market trends to create forward-looking investment strategies and to provide guidance on the global asset allocation


    Our equity research team creates an exclusive list of direct holdings convictions based on our proprietary process and investment philosophy. Here, fundamentals come first and foremost. We concentrate on our circle of competence, as well as regions and industries where we have proven expertise.


    Our approach to bonds is focused on preserving capital and maximising risk-adjusted returns. We have a strong proprietary investment framework, and offer a wide range of bond strategies covering credit segments and sovereign issuers, as well as specialised mandates.

    fund selection

    We strive to offer our clients the best funds investment ideas on the market, whether from us or other firms, spanning active and passive instruments. Our open architecture team identifies best-in-class fund managers with the expertise to run customised strategies that meet our clients’ portfolio needs.

    Our open architecture team selects the best strategies to meet investors' needs. To this end, we have launched the "PrivilEdge" fund platform, which allows us to partner with leading external managers on differentiated strategies through a wide range of funds in a UCITS (Undertakings for the Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) format, in different share classes to suit investors’ registration and reporting requirements.


    sustainable investing.

    We created our first sustainable investment and analysis system in the late 1990s and have been continuously developing ever since. We see these tools as an essential extension of our financial analysis and as a means of refining our investment strategies. Our systems take into account multiple data points to establish finely tuned sustainability analysis and provide the associated reporting. We are also able to establish a 'temperature trajectory' for portfolios to assess the extent to which they are contributing to global warming, in line with the Paris Agreement targets.

    All of this proven expertise is made available to our clients, for whom we can create fully tailored sustainable portfolios. We have also developed specific strategies in climate transition, natural capital and green and climate bonds.

    For us, sustainability is a core belief, with the transition to a circular, lean, inclusive and clean (CLICTM ) economy at its centre

    The next economic revolution has begun and sustainability is a key driver of future returns. For those with the skills to adapt to this new reality, sustainability will create new sources of alpha, open up new investment opportunities and lead to enhanced return and reduced portfolio risk.

    Read more on our sustainable investing strategy.



    However you decide to invest, our trade execution and settlement services are here for you around the clock.

    We have teams in Geneva and Hong Kong, specialised in multi-asset class trading on all listed markets.
    Our structured investment products are constructed to seize market trends, and we can design specific products around you and your needs.

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