private wealth holders.

    Whether it is the fruits of your labours or a family inheritance, your lifestyle primarily depends on the performance of your wealth and of your asset portfolio. That’s why you want to optimise your portfolio to protect your standard of living for as long as required, while remaining mindful of the transfer of your wealth.

    As a Swiss private international bank, Lombard Odier understands the specifics of your situation and can offers you personalised wealth and tax planning services that allow you to maintain your lifestyle through your assets. Our discretionary and advisory management mandates can be designed around your lifestyle needs, with a focus on achieving your goals.


    supporting pensioners in Switzerland and abroad.

    We help you manage your assets, be they in Switzerland or abroad, by giving you all the tools required to monitor them, thanks in particular to our digital interfaces. We are experts in cross-border management and focus closely on the risks and on preserving performance.

    Our banker has known us for many years and almost feels like part of the family. Lombard Odier sets itself apart through this sense of family and the quality of its people skills

    a holistic and integrated approach to all your assets.

    Our holistic approach to your wealth sets us apart, as does our personalised service, with a dedicated banker as your single point of contact for all your needs. 

    Our approach not only encompasses your investment portfolios but also your property in order to optimise your wealth structure, particularly in terms of taxation and your liquidity requirements. Thanks to our proven assets and liabilities management (ALM) techniques, we can implement risk management and strategic policies for all your wealth.

    Lombard Odier will support you and help you translate your aspirations into concrete actions. Together, we can design and structure your philanthropic projects to reflect your values and optimise their impact. We can help you make your own foundation more effective or support you through our umbrella foundation, Fondation Philanthropia. So while we deal with the administration, you can focus on achieving your philanthropic goals.


    Bank Lombard Odier & Co Ltd does not provide tax advice. Clients requiring tax advice should consult an independent tax advisor.

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