our new headquarters on lake geneva.

Our sustainability philosophy has shaped the development of our new headquarters in Bellevue, situated on a historical site called, Le Champ-du-Château, on Lake Geneva’s Right Bank.

This project represents a strategic step for our Group confirming its confidence in the future. It is a long-term investment commitment for both our colleagues and clients

Patrick Odier, Senior Managing Partner of the Lombard Odier Group

Currently under construction, the building will be sized to gather up to 2,600 employees, who are presently based across five Geneva sites, under one roof, and aims to embody the highest standards of sustainability.

Our new site will be an avant-garde building, a symbol of the bank of tomorrow, combining timeless elegance and innovation, embodying the highest standards of sustainability, while integrating harmoniously into an exceptional site.

A unique experience combining the highest standards of excellence

The new site will provide quick and easy access to all our specialists and experts, particularly in investment solutions, asset management, wealth planning, Lombard loans, trading, philanthropy and banking technology.

Like a Greek amphitheatre, the auditorium combines technological prowess, is aesthetically pleasing and can accommodate up to 800 people for our events. The atrium, a welcoming environment for our clients and colleagues, sits at the core of our building and is bathed in natural light.

A "smart" building and a symbol of the Bank of Tomorrow, the headquarters combine innovation, flexibility and performance. It incorporates new working models and optimises collaboration between teams.

Sustainability at the heart of our new headquarters

Sustainability is in our DNA. It has been at the heart of our Group for 224 years and is a long-term investment commitment.

We are constructing our building with a robust framework in place concerning material use, energy provision, circularity, employee well-being and other sustainability-related criteria. We aim to achieve three different certifications that vouch for the standard of a sustainable building: SNBS (Standard Nachhaltiges Bauen Schweiz), Minergie-P and BREEAM®.

We will include sustainable solutions such as:



Herzog & de Meuron: international renowned Swiss architects

Herzog & de Meuron, the renowned Swiss architecture firm, are the designers behind our new headquarters. They share, with Lombard Odier, the capacity for innovation, a global vision and an international clientele.

Herzog & de Meuron: National Olympic Stadium – Beijing, Tate Modern – London, Elbphilharmonie – Hamburg.

We have designed a transparent, elegant and measured building; as such, its architecture reflects the vision and values of Lombard Odier
Pierre de Meuron, Herzog & de Meuron

2020 and 2021 will bring significant developments and innovations for both the interior and exterior of the building.

This project proves that Lombard Odier is a bank that rethinks everything. In moving to this new, transparent, contemporary building, the bank will further optimise its interaction with clients, embrace sustainability in all its dimensions and create a workplace that is state-of-the-art with regards to efficiency as much as employee well-being

Christine Binswanger, Senior Partner, Herzog & de Meuron

Project history and development


Bellevue: a well-situated town, rich in historical heritage with a tradition of hospitality

The new headquarters of the Lombard Odier Group will be built on a historic site, in Bellevue, known as Le Champ-du-Château, which refers to the medieval castle that stood there until 1963.

It is a central, accessible location, ideally situated at the crossroads of public and private transport routes.



Lombard Odier expects to add value to the local community

Our new headquarters will enrich the local community by bringing increased activity, spending power and green mobility to Bellevue. New shops are expected to be built in the residential area as well as an apartment complex and there will be a shuttle boat between the Left and Right Bank of Geneva to enable easy access.


Discover our aerial video of our new headquarters here


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