advisory portfolio management.

    If you wish to draw on the benefits of Lombard Odier’s global network of investment experts, while maintaining full control of your portfolio, we offer an advisory service targeted towards performance and tailored to your needs.

    in control – but not alone.

    Lombard Odier Advisory gives you access to high-quality investment ideas, tailored to your jurisdiction1, investment goals and attitude to risk. Our holistic offering takes all aspects of your wealth into account, and provides you with the keys to what Lombard Odier does best:

    • Asset class and currencies expertise,
    • Macroeconomic thought leadership,
    • Sharp market insights,
    • Cutting-edge technology,
    • Regulatory support.

    You will benefit from the support of a dedicated personal banker, and if you wish to liaise with our investment experts directly, we have created an enhanced service level that opens the doors to the depths of our investment thinking.

    Lombard Odier Advisory is a two-tiered offering. The service levels Active and ActivePLUS have been designed to match clients’ specific needs, preferences, and attitude to risk.

    excellence in four areas


    • A tiered offering that allows you to choose how you want to be advised
    • A relationship-oriented service built around direct access to experts and superior inter-personal support



    • Targeted investment intelligence, insights and ideas
    • A team of experts dedicated to you, to help you meet your investment goals


    ideas and knowledge

    • Enhanced portfolio monitoring and risk mitigation



    • Comprehensive investment reporting across asset classes, regions and currencies
    • Fiscal reporting2 accessible via online and mobile platforms, and through My LO

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    1 Lombard Odier Advisory is only available at specific Lombard Odier entities and for a select group of jurisdictions.
    Fiscal reporting available in 10 jurisdictions.
    Notice to investors in the UK: Lombard Odier provides a ‘restricted advisory’ service in the UK. The range of investment products and services on which we may provide advice is not whole of market, and is based upon a range of products from a limited number of selected companies, including entities belonging to the Lombard Odier Group. The products and services, including custody, may be subject to legal restrictions and some may not be available worldwide on an unrestricted basis.

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