At Lombard Odier, it is our duty to preserve and grow our client’s wealth. We believe it is in everyone’s best interests to build a more sustainable, equitable world. This conviction is at the heart of our approach to doing business, and forms the basis of our many partnerships. 

    As The Sustainability Revolution and the road to net zero transform the global economy, investors must adapt if they are to mitigate the risks and capture the opportunities of this profound transition. We believe this can only be done through robust, science-based methodologies. 

    By building bridges across spheres of expertise we can accelerate this work, creating new frameworks for assessing companies’ alignment to a net-zero world, identifying disruptive technologies early, and working together to create an economy that operates within the Earth’s environmental limits and provides a just opportunity for all. 

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    This one of a kind partnership created the first endowed senior academic post in sustainable finance at a major university

    Together we are developing the integration of geospatial data and analytics into financial practice, opening up new frontiers of analysis. Instead of relying on companies to proactively disclose and report on sustainability, satellite imagery and other geospatial data can provide a more objective and transparent way of assessing a company’s alignment with a net-zero trajectory.

    We are also focussing on the use of carbon offsetting. With carbon markets a key component in the transition to a net-zero economy, but often criticised for greenwashing, improving our understanding of how best to use carbon offsetting is a vital project.

    Dr Ben Caldecott, Lombard Odier Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow of Sustainable Finance: “Sustainable finance is mission critical for tackling the massive environmental and social challenges facing humanity. As the Lombard Odier endowment implies, these questions and issues will endure in some form for many generations, and at the University of Oxford we look forward to continuing to play a major role in creating, defining and growing this major new field.”

    Read more here: Lombard Odier and the University of Oxford


    In December 2021, we invested in Systemiq, a leading systems change firm that aims to embed sustainability across global economic systems through strategic partnerships with representatives of business, finance, policy and civil society. Becoming a Strategic Capital Partner with Systemiq – the first banking group to do so – enables us to assess the alignment of potential investments to the sustainability transition earlier and in greater detail. 

    In June 2023, we deepened this partnership with the launch of holistiQ, a new investment platform focussed exclusively on sustainable investments and deploying finance to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy. With a team drawn from Lombard Odier Investment Managers (LOIM) and Systemiq, holistiQ is a unique and unprecedented collaboration that combines the best of both worlds – Lombard Odier's proven track record in sustainable investing and Systemiq's expertise in transforming economic systems.

    In partnership with both the University of Oxford and Systemiq we have developed a unique, three-pillared approach to sustainable finance

    As we build partnerships we form wider networks, enabling us to create deeper and more detailed sustainable investing methodologies, and adding value for investors. Working jointly with both the University of Oxford and Systemiq we have developed a unique, three-pillared approach to sustainable finance. The first of our three pillars is our Portfolio Temperature Alignment Framework, through which we provide investors an easy-to-use metric that assesses a company’s transition trajectory and climate-related exposure. This is designed to reduce portfolio risk. The second pillar is our Thematic Strategy, through which we create high-conviction portfolios that both fund and take advantage of radical transformations in energy production, the use of materials, and the way we exploit our Natural Capital. The third is our Impact Strategy, where we seek out those firms that we believe will harness nature’s untapped potential and preserve its value through a leaner form of industry.

    Jeremy Oppenheim, Founder and Senior Partner at Systemiq: “The global conscience is focussed on the transition towards a just, prosperous and sustainable future. With Lombard Odier as a Strategic Capital Partner, we are confident in our collective ability to drive meaningful change. Through the launch of holistiQ we are demonstrating our conviction that sustainable investment will be a key catalyst of the transition, as we scale the solutions needed to build a net-zero and nature positive global economy."

    Read more here: Lombard Odier and Systemiq

    building bridges.

    Since its first edition in 2019, “Building Bridges” has been bringing together stakeholders representing the financial sector, governments, UN agencies, NGOs and academia to accelerate the transition to a global economic model aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The event is organised in Geneva around the shared understanding that no single sector or sphere of expertise can achieve the changes the world needs. For the transition to a sustainable economy to be successful, targeted finance must be coupled with carefully directed governmental policy and strong commitments from the world’s biggest businesses.

    We need to clarify that we are looking at the biggest economic transformation of all time. It’s not only about energy systems. It’s also about the new materials economy. And it’s about the complete transformation of the relationship between the economy and nature

    Hubert Keller, Senior Manager Partner of Lombard Odier

    Building Bridges also acts to inspire the next generation – the business, finance and thought leaders of tomorrow. 

    Lombard Odier has been a driving force behind Building Bridges since its inception, with our Former Managing Partner, Patrick Odier, the President of the conference. While the summit in Geneva acts as the annual centrepiece, Building Bridges is more than a single event. It is a year-round cross-sector collaboration that seeks to identify opportunities to promote sustainable finance and to advocate for policies that will facilitate the shift to a global economic order that works for all of humanity.

    The 2023 edition of Building Bridges showcased more than 65 events, bringing together leading voices from across finance, energy industry, policymaking and NGOs to explore the role that large-scale finance can play in tackling climate change by accelerating the transition towards a more sustainable and nature-positive economy. 

    Read more here: Building Bridges 2023: mobilising trillions to create a net-zero, nature-positive economy

    france digitale.

    Lombard Odier is proud to support France Digitale, the leading association of start-ups in Europe. Currently representing more than 1,800 entrepreneurs and investors in France alone, France Digitale exists to promote a regulatory environment that encourages the emergence of new digital champions, and to connect entrepreneurs with investors to help start-ups grow and achieve scale.

    As a partner of France Digitale since 2016, we strive to support entrepreneurs to foster innovation and maximise their impact

    The work of France Digitale culminates each year in France Digitale Day, a unique event that brings together thousands of start-up founders, investors and policy-makers from around the world.

    As a partner of France Digitale since 2016, we strive to support entrepreneurs to foster innovation and maximise their impact. We believe technology and digital innovation will be key factors in achieving a sustainable economy, and we are committed to partnerships that are aligned with, and inspired by, this philosophy. 

    Edouard de Saint Pierre, Managing Director of Lombard Odier France: “For over seven years, Lombard Odier has been working with the France Digitale teams to help entrepreneurs navigate a complex economic environment and prepare them for cash-events in order to maximise their impact."

    In 2023, France Digitale Day brought together a record number of investors, entrepreneurs and key tech players from across Europe. With over 5000 participants, the event hosted key sessions, round tables and workshops with leading voices who teased out the day's headline theme of sustainability. Technological innovation, driven by artificial intelligence, left its mark on all the event's discussions this year.

    Read more here: France Digitale Day 2023: Innovation and technology to support tomorrow's world

    family business network.

    The Family Business Network (FBN) is the world’s leading organisation of business families. Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Lausanne, FBN spans 65 countries and 4,000 business families, offering a safe space in which to learn, share knowledge and raise awareness of the importance of family business models to society.

    Family businesses are known for their resilience over long periods and during crises, and the same should hold true for Next Generation entrepreneurs – of the 17,000 individual members of the FBN, 6,400 are Next Generation (NxG). In 2009, Lombard Odier partnered with the Family Business Network to create the FBN NxG Lombard Odier award, to celebrate and support outstanding entrepreneurial projects initiated by the younger generation of family business owners. 

    In 2022, we celebrated the 14th edition of the FBN NxG, with a strong focus on sustainability. From three finalists, each nominated by Lombard Odier, Fardan Farhad Alfardan emerged as the winner. His third generation farm near Doha, Qatar, provides sustainable produce to the local market even in the driest summer months, deploying cutting edge technology to minimise freshwater withdrawals. We are proud to partner with FBN to foster high-impact projects, and to champion the entrepreneurial spirit of the Next Generation. 

    Frédéric Rochat, Managing Partner at Lombard Odier: “Entrepreneurial spirit, resilience and innovation sit at the heart of family businesses, and we are very proud to be a partner of the FBN Next Generation award. This award is a natural extension of our convictions and has been created to support innovative and sustainable initiatives devised by the next generation of family entrepreneurs from all over the world.”

    Read more here: Sustainable agricultural business wins Next Generation Lombard Odier Award 2022


    Created by Jean-Daniel Compain and Julien Frydman, OFFSCREEN is an annual contemporary art fair that challenges viewers to reevaluate our relationship with the world around us. To provoke a fresh perspective. To rethink.

    OFFSCREEN’s unconventional approach is one that Lombard Odier has embraced for more than 225 years, and one that it is has been proud to support since the fair’s inauguration in 2022.

    Bringing together works by both emerging and established international artists, and focussing on still and moving images, OFFSCREEN invites visitors to take an immersive plunge into the diversity and richness of contemporary international art. Lombard Odier supports OFFSCREEN’s innovative, pioneering and unorthodox approach, which resonates with our rethink everything® philosophy, as we constantly reassess and rethink the world around us to offer our clients new investment perspectives.


    After choosing the emblematic Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild as the setting for its first edition, OFFSCREEN has taken over the Grand Garage Haussmann in 2023, a brutalist, architecturally disruptive venue located in the heart of Paris's 8th arrondissement.

    circular bioeconomy alliance.

    Lombard Odier is a founding member of the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance (CBA), which was established in 2020 by His Majesty King Charles III. The CBA advances the circular bioeconomy by connecting investors, companies, governmental and non-governmental organisations, and local communities, to share knowledge, target funding and create the joint vision needed to transition to -a nature-positive economy.

    As a central part of this work, the CBA is building a global network of Living Labs, using landscape restoration projects to kickstart the development of circular bioeconomy value chains while restoring biodiversity and local livelihoods. By combining ancient wisdom with science and modern tech innovations, and forming public-private partnerships, Living Labs bring both concrete real-world benefits and act as a model for how we can learn to live in harmony with nature. 

    One such Living Lab is the Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative in Ecuador and Peru. In Spring 2022, Lombard Odier and the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance joined the Initiative on a breath-taking journey in the region of the sacred headwaters of the Amazon river. Together, we aimed to build a shared vision among indigenous communities, global organisations, governments, philanthropists and investors in protecting the region, tackling industrial scale resource extraction and living in harmony with nature. 


    Watch the full video of this incredible journey:

    Our strategy allows investors to invest in companies that leverage the regenerative power of nature. We believe these companies will deliver strong growth and become the winners of the future

    In November 2020, Lombard Odier launched its Natural Capital strategy, a global equity strategy directly inspired by the CBA, under the aegis of His Majesty King Charles III’s Sustainable Markets Initiative. For the first time, our strategy allows investors to invest in companies that leverage the regenerative power of nature. We believe these companies will deliver strong growth and become the winners of the future. As a founding member of the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance, we recognise that opportunities linked to the unrealised potential of natural capital create a reciprocal relationship between nature and investment and act as an engine for growth.

    His Majesty King Charles III: “We need to accelerate our efforts and set the course for a sustainable future rooted in a new economic model – in other words, a circular bioeconomy that puts Nature and the restoration of Natural Capital at the centre of the entire process. This is why I am enormously encouraged to see that, under my Sustainable Markets Initiative, the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance is working hand-in-hand to support the Natural Capital Strategy developed by Lombard Odier.”

    Read more here: rethink sustainability 

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    Our heritage is Swiss, yet our outlook and mind set are resolutely international. With over 25 offices globally, we are able to serve our clients all over the world.


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