tailor-made asset management for the self-employed.

    As a self-employed professional, you devote most of your efforts to developing your business.

    Whether you are a doctor, lawyer or administrator, in the middle of a  development phase or thinking of your retirement, we can support you at every stage in your life by providing you with tailored solutions to the fundamental questions you have about how to manage your assets, for example: 

    • Your wealth. How do I preserve and grow my assets? How should I allocate my assets? Which investments should I choose?
    • Your plans. What can I do to improve my financial position? How do I finance a project? Should I pass on my business? Will I stay in Switzerland or move abroad?
    • Your concerns. How can I manage my assets to optimise returns after tax? Am I right to focus on real estate and life assurance?


    stable teams and a bank on a human scale to provide you with the support you need.

    As a privately owned, entirely independent Swiss private bank, we know that your situation brings with it greater responsibilities and a high degree of commitment. Monitoring your own assets would take up valuable time that you would probably prefer to spend on other activities. However, you are concerned about your pension and want to plan for your future.

    At Lombard Odier, you will find dedicated relationship managers who understand your issues and aspirations, and stable teams able to provide you with the long-term support you need. We offer much more than asset management: within our Swiss offering, we can set up specific management mandates, allowing us to manage your assets in a tax-efficient manner using a “multi component” strategy.

    This strategy is particularly well suited to the self-employed, enabling you to allocate your capital to different "components", in particular pension funds, while maintaining a broad and coordinated overview of your assets. The Swiss pension framework offers several advantages, which we have fully incorporated into our strategy to optimise the tax impact of investing, for example by making use of a vested pension benefits savings account or a Bel Etage tax-deductible buy-in pension scheme (supplementary pension plan).


    a management package tailored to the self-employed.

    Our mission is to preserve and grow the assets entrusted to us. Your banker will take the time to listen to you and understand your personal circumstances. They will then determine and implement the appropriate asset allocation to help to maintain your standard of living in the short, medium and long term, and to finance your plans, wherever you or your family live.


    proactive listening, an ability to step back and take an holistic overview to understand your specific needs.

    a tailored, coordinated and comprehensive approach to your assets as a whole

    Analysis of your personal and professional circumstances and your objectives. Optimal asset structuring (real estate, financing, pensions, retirement, estate planning, etc.).

    a tailored and transparent portfolio management strategy

    Construction and management based on our experts' comprehensive overview of all asset classes. Transparent strategy, allocation and costs, thanks to our reporting and e-banking systems.

    preparing for retirement

    Personalised planning tailored to your plans, to maintain your standard of life and finance your plans.

    selling or passing on your business

    Comprehensive support to advise you on the impacts of each scenario on your assets.

    buying a property

    Mortgage analysis and advice with the support of our partner MoneyPark.

    consideration of tax issues

    Implementation of tax-efficient management to mitigate risk of capital erosion.

    technology platform for integrated management, reporting and consolidation

    A holistic, consolidated view of all of your financial assets. Monitoring at all times, reporting to inform your tax-related affairs.


    retirement, transfer of residence, real estate: plan your projects with piece of mind.

    Whether you are planning to retire early or want to work beyond the statutory retirement age, our wealth planning experts will support you in all your plans. They work closely with our bankers to ensure that your wealth is structured in line with your life goals.

    Real estate is often a key asset for our self-employed clients, and we can advise you in choosing a mortgage structure, term, rate and renewal, thanks to our internal experts and external partners.

    Whether your assets are spread around the world or you want to structure them for future generations to enjoy, we can plan accordingly.

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