our technology and operations services

    our mission.

    our mission.

    We deliver comprehensive and performant bank infrastructure solutions to financial institutions whose business models are similar to ours, offering them the perfect fit with a platform designed by bankers for bankers.



    our history.


    harnessing technology to create a new paradigm for our clients

    We are truly convinced that creating and maintaining our own pioneering solutions is a key differentiator that, when combined with our expertise and values, enables us to offer our BPO clients outstanding service and deliver exceptional value as a Private Bank.

    Lombard Odier’s history with technology began when we became the first bank in Switzerland to have an IBM mainframe. We were also the first Swiss bank to develop an in-house, continuously evolving wealth management platform: G2. Since the early 2000s, G2 has served our private and institutional clients in Switzerland as well as our International Offices and ‘Booking Centres’.

    At Lombard Odier, we have always believed that technology is central to banking

    developing business-inspired technology

    From the very start, our team of wealth managers, financial professionals and IT experts have contributed to the modular design and evolution of our IT platform. Eager to explore new ideas, they created pioneering, efficient, robust solutions that meet our clients’ needs and address new challenges in the context of ever-evolving financial markets, regulatory frameworks and IT security needs.


    leveraging the best of technology into a new offering

    Recognising the strengths of the IT solution we had created through ongoing strategic investment, we made the disruptive decision to offer G2 to other banks. Forging our own path, we developed comprehensive IT Application Service Provider and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services.

    In 2001, we made our technology available to an external private bank for the first time. Today, with around ten banking and financial groups in several countries operating on G2, Lombard Odier is uniquely positioned in the integrated ASP and BPO market.

    For more than 20 years, our clients have successfully shared our platform and recognised the benefits of our experience and economies of scale. Our network of partner institutions extends across Switzerland, continental Europe, the UK and Singapore.


    pushing the boundaries of innovation to shape the new world of banking

    Driven by our ‘Rethink Everything’ philosophy, we’re continuing to push the technological envelope with our GX project, which will take our platform to the next stage of its strategic evolution. In the coming years, significant investments will enable us to reinvent the platform by revamping the user experience and speeding up the digitalisation of our processes and interactions with our clients.

    our organisation.

    Our Client Relationship Manager Department within the T&O unit provides a single point of contact for our clients in Switzerland, Europe, the UK and Asia, building lasting relationships and meeting their needs through their expertise in project management, IT operations & development and banking operations.

    Our BPO clients benefit from the expertise and support of 700 professionals in our Technology and Operations (T&O) unit, who run our IT platforms and serve the entire Group from two offices in Switzerland and Luxembourg



    our strategy.

    Our strategy is to focus on the needs of private banks and wealth managers—not as pure software providers, but as bankers offering comprehensive technology and wealth management infrastructure to other banks and financial institutions who have similar business models and are interested in a long-term partnership.

    By offering a platform built by wealth managers, for wealth managers, we share the benefits of the expertise and technologies we use in our own business activities.

    By replicating our solution, we give our clients the opportunity to operate on the same powerful single platform we use every day: one capable of serving multiple offices, ‘booking centres' and jurisdictions in a segregated, secure IT environment. And by enabling our technology to be used in many locations and markets, we create multiple synergies for our clients.

    The G2 platform supports an extensive range of business activities:

    • Deposited discretionary asset management
    • Non-deposited discretionary asset management
    • Investment advisory
    • External Asset Managers (EAMs)
    • Sell-side activity (trading/brokerage)
    • Global Custody
    • Global reporting/family office
    • Mutual fund administration

    your benefits.

    As a client, you will benefit from G2’s rich functionality.

    a Front-to-Back platform, including:

    • A powerful and consolidated Front Office view, with CRM and Portfolio Management capabilities integrated into a single system
    • Straight-through processing order routing via a central trading desk operation
    • BPO services to generate operational efficiency and economies of scale, including for Securities Masterfile maintenance, corporate actions and income collection operations
    • Back office and accounting processes with proven long-term performance that enhance your organisation’s operational efficiency
    • Embedded control processes, including Compliance, Risk Management and MIS features
    • State-of-the art client reporting and digital solutions

    a single platform across multiple jurisdictions

    G2 is designed to create synergies within a company group. Just as Lombard Odier does, you will benefit from a dedicated environment that can host several logical ‘clones’ sharing the same technology and consistent banking solutions for your clients. You’ll also benefit from an efficient IT and operations model for your domestic and international offices.

    a modular design

    G2 is designed to cover your existing requirements but also presents new business opportunities in adopting modular solutions offered by the platform that have been developed to meet market practices and regulatory requirements.



    an embedded local tax and regulatory framework

    In line with our model, G2 integrates regular tax and regulatory changes.


    digital solutions

    Process digitalisation is crucial to helping our clients stay close to their customers, manage relationships and share ideas. Available on smartphone, tablet or desktop, our digital suite offers fluid, comprehensive digital interactions—including payments—using strong authentication methods and the latest technology. With their intuitive and modular user interfaces, we designed these applications to support our clients in their digital journeys.

    top-ranked security standards

    IT Security and business continuity are essential concerns for banks and other financial institutions. As a client, you will benefit from the highest data and cybersecurity standards as well as our state-of-the-art business continuity management infrastructure.


    Our model creates opportunity for scaling in a range of domains including back office, IT operations and development costs.

    a long-standing commitment to innovation

    At Lombard Odier, we believe that, to offer the best for our clients, we must invest in our own internal development. Here, we as investment professionals can bring a competitive edge while remaining alert to external solutions and innovations. That is why we seize opportunities to partner with the fintech sector and integrate pioneering new technologies. This enables us to create breakthrough solutions that make your complex business processes simpler and more manageable.

    Together, we are rethinking the banking of tomorrow

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