customised wealth management for executives.

    Your assets reflect your life, your career and your personal choices.

    You want to build, preserve and grow your assets. We offer you our expertise in cross-border management as well as global, multidisciplinary and customised wealth management tailored to your career and professional and private objectives, over the short, medium and long term.

    We can provide you with a personalised package, whatever your circumstances.

    you live and work in Switzerland.

    Working in Switzerland, you want to optimise the performance of your assets at an international level and in different currencies, diversify your investments, manage your stock options, purchase property, plan your retirement, or even plan how your assets will be passed on. Our extensive portfolio of services and expertise can meet your needs for:

    Funding: mortgage advice, Lombard loans

    Managing private assets: discretionary and advisory mandates, sustainable investment mandates, private equity

    Managing other assets: pensions, income-generating real estate, professional assets (stock options), holdings in private companies

    Cross-border/generational support and management:  international wealth management, management of foreign-currency exposure, residency and transfers of residency

    Wealth planning: Financial planning, retirement preparation, estate planning advice, tax optimisation


    you have just arrived in Switzerland.

    Still unaccustomed to the local norms, whether legal and tax requirements or just practicalities, you are looking for a trusted partner that can handle all aspects of your wealth management across borders and the implications of your change in residence.

    Practical advice: schools, domestic staff, spouse’s employment, etc.

    Administrative advice: health insurance cover, vehicle cover, etc.

    Real estate support (purchase, rental) for your primary and secondary residences

    Life assurance advice (analysis, modification(s))

    Estate planning (matrimonial property, inheritance law(s))


    you are leaving Switzerland and/or retiring.

    You are looking for a single point of contact able to support your transition and handle all aspects of your wealth management, including any implications, particularly those relating to taxation. This may involve changing your country of residence or preparing for your retirement, with all of the associated wealth planning.

    Leaving Switzerland: cross-border and financial planning, restructuring of asset allocations, tax planning, residency transfer, management of vested benefits

    Retiring in Switzerland or abroad: retirement planning, wealth management to maintain your lifestyle over the medium and longer term, analysis and management of the tax implications and estate, intergenerational and cross-border planning


    proven expertise in cross-border management.

    We are experts in cross-border management, especially when your income, expenses and wealth are in different currencies. With a close focus on international risks and preserving performance in an international context, we offer high value-added services. We can also assist you in managing and anticipating all the consequences, particularly the tax implications1, of a change of domicile within Switzerland or abroad. We can put in place tailor-made management of your vested benefits and help you manage your supplementary pension assets under a Bel Etage tax-deductible buy-in pension scheme using partner pension funds, and advise you on related buy-in opportunities.


    a global and tailored approach to all your assets.

    As the custodian and manager of your private assets, we want to become your preferred partner in all considerations and decisions relating to your wealth as a whole. It is only by addressing your financial and asset situation together that we can generate returns and optimise the structure of your wealth, particularly with regard to tax, pension planning and liquidity needs.


    an experienced banker as a single point of contact for the long term.

    Lombard Odier offers a bespoke service and a banker dedicated to your needs. They are the gateway to a team bringing together all the skills and experience needed to provide comprehensive support, including wealth planning experts, portfolio managers, investment advisers, and even securities custody specialists and financial reporting experts. This ensures that all aspects of your wealth (financial, real estate, equity interests) are interlinked.


    a private Swiss bank with a strong international focus.

    With more than 25 offices worldwide, include five in Switzerland, we can support your international activities thanks to our network of in-house experts, including investment specialists and wealth planners, and handle all of your projects globally.


    1 Bank Lombard Odier & Co Ltd does not provide tax advice. Clients requiring tax advice should consult an independent tax advisor.

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