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Stress-testing our constructive renminbi view
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Stress-testing our constructive renminbi view

The renminbi has appreciated on strong macroeconomic fundamentals. While our outlook on the Chinese currency remains positive, we monitor a number of key risks. 

Rebuilding the US economy as markets remain strong in Covid-19 end game

An economic recovery is underway as vaccination programmes accelerate. In the meantime, the US is investing trillions in its recovery, sustainability offers great investment potential & new technologies change the face of banking. More from our CIO & Chief Economist

Tiny and vital – how we must save bees to save our crops
rethink sustainability Natural Capital

Tiny and vital – how we must save bees to save our crops

Bees and other natural pollinators have an annual economic value of USD 500 billion. They are responsible for crop yields and health. But their populations are in decline and without them, our economies and way of life are at risk.

Ants: the hidden multi-trillion-member workforce that support multi-trillion dollar industries

Forests are vital to our way of life. They are responsible for the production of oxygen and a valuable source of Natural Capital. However, they could not survive without ants. Discover more on this essential workforce and read more on our Natural Capital strategy.

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