Entreprises familiales et succession, comment la planifier

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La planification successorale pour une entreprise familiale régie par le droit suisse est un processus continu et complexe. Quelles sont les étapes et les instruments juridiques à disposition pour une planification successorale réussie ? Entretien avec Marie-Christine Von Pezold, Head of Lombard Odier Family Programme.


An exhilarating adventure

Lombard Odier Group’s newest Managing Partner has embraced the “Rethink Everything” mantra. Our interview with Annika Falkengren looks at why she joined the bank, lessons from the financial crisis… and the trouble with Freddie.

investment insights

Cryptocoins and their revolutionary architecture

Investment experts have often sceptically dismissed cryptocurrencies as excessively volatile. Technologists have described them as revolutionary. Who is correct? Will cryptocurrencies become a mainstream asset class?

Tackling the challenges of today through philanthropy

The world of philanthropy is changing. As global challenges loom in health, the environment and sustainable development, wealthy donors are increasingly acting as catalysts for projects that that can deliver a far greater impact than we have seen before. Three questions to Denis Pittet, Managing Partner of the Lombard Odier Group and Chairman of Fondation Philanthropia.

Culture Club

Culture Club

Technology and globalisation, paired with a hunger for impact, are fundamentally reshaping how philanthropists can support art and culture.

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