Lombard Odier rethinks the sustainability revolution with new campaign

When a business has thrived through more than 200 tumultuous years, it is worth identifying the central philosophy at the heart of that resilient success. For Geneva-based private bank, Lombard Odier, it boils down to a straightforward mantra: rethink everything.

The oldest members of the Millennial generation are approaching 40. By 2020, they will be the largest segment of the adult population and as they replace Baby Boomers in the workplace, they will dominate spending for the coming decades.

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Earnings season: it’s all about transparency and guidance

Equity markets suffered a rough October and investors are now crunching through an earnings season trying to make sense of the outlook for 2019. Faced with the uncertainties of next year, shareholders are punishing firms unless they beat analysts’ revenue estimates and profit expectations while providing upbeat outlooks.

Explaining our bearish outlook for the dollar
investment insights

Explaining our bearish outlook for the dollar

Dollar strength this year is the main market-chatter amongst FX investors these days. However, this needs to be put in the right context: the currency went through waves of depreciation and appreciation during 2018, with the net gain now a 4.5%.

Data is the new oil
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Data is the new oil

Can you compare oil and data? It's true both are profitable but complicated commodities. And once oil has spilled, it cannot be put back into the barrel... and the same thing could be said of data.

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