Staying positive while protectionism rears its head
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Staying positive while protectionism rears its head

The US government’s imposition of tariffs on certain metals imports has unnerved the market at a time when most other economic fundamentals look fairly rosy. Our central scenario remains positive, and we believe that the measures introduced are about positioning rather than raw protectionism, however, it is still worth understanding the risks of any escalation.

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A sustainability revolution is underway

A sustainability revolution is underway, which will drive economic and investment outcomes over the long term.

On 12 March, the Lombard Odier Rethink Responsible Capital symposium brought together political, business and investment leaders to discuss how our world is changing in the face of significant social and environmental challenges, and how investors can gear their portfolios for this new paradigm.

As Al Gore, former US Vice President and co-founder of Generation Investment Management told the audience during his keynote speech: “The sustainability revolution is the single largest investment opportunity in history.”

As rethinkers, we aspire to bring together innovators, pioneers and change makers to transform the world around us. Our private Rethink Responsible Capital Symposium on March 12, 2018 will welcome Ms. Christiana Figueres, the Executive Secretary of the UN Framework for Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the driving force behind leading the world towards COP21, a global agreement on tackling climate change.

Immobilier en Suisse : quelles solutions pour votre financement ?

Vous êtes résident Suisse et vous souhaitez financer une résidence principale ou secondaire, ou encore investir dans de l’immobilier locatif résidentiel et/ou commercial. Vous recherchez par conséquent le meilleur partenaire, qui vous propose des solutions hypothécaires ou de crédit ne dépendant pas de ses intérêts et de son bilan, mais plutôt et avant tout des vôtres. La Banque Lombard Odier & Cie SA est, dès lors, votre interlocuteur privilégié.

Le risque politique se déplace vers les émergents

Article publié dans La Tribune de Genève online, le 12 mars 2018
Par Stéphanie de Torquat, Stratège macro

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