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Fashion’s future in the forest
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Fashion’s future in the forest

Fashion and sustainability have never gone hand in hand, but a change is building momentum. Brands worldwide are looking into our natural capital to create sustainable fibres. Discover here how wood-based textiles are leading the shift to a sustainable industry.

The post pandemic great global reset

The post pandemic great global reset

Martin Wolf, CBE, Chief Economics Commentator and Associate Editor at the Financial Times offers his unique perspective on our economies and societies in a post-pandemic world. 

The CLIC™ Chronicles: A future fuelled by hydrogen? Building the path for cleaner energy

In this week’s CLIC™ Chronicles, we talk to Swiss energy company Gaznat on the challenges and opportunities of hydrogen power. Representing 2% of the total world primary energy demand, it is a key asset in the transition to a sustainable future.

Spotlight on SPACs, or writing blank cheques for an IPO

SPACs or special purpose acquisition corporations have recorded huge increases in inflows. They promise a faster, cheaper route to a public listing, yet they may fall short of investors’ expectations. 

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