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The race to net-zero: why it matters
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The race to net-zero: why it matters

Hubert Keller, our Managing Partner, alongside other experts, discussed how companies need to capture the opportunities that come with embracing the net-zero transition at our latest event on the race to net-zero.

The long haul to zero emissions aviation

In our latest FT Rethink video, discover the different ways to make aviation greener. Today, aviation requires fuel. But companies and scientists are looking at alternatives and technologies to put the aviation sector on the road to net-zero emissions. 

Five ways to save our oceans
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Five ways to save our oceans

The health of the Earth’s oceans is indispensable to our survival and way of life. But due to overfishing, oil exploration and much more, it is now in jeopardy. On World Oceans Day, our experts share five ways we can save the oceans, and ourselves.

US/Iran nuclear talks still key to oil market outlook

As demand for oil recovers, markets are focused on the prospects for a deal limiting Iran’s nuclear ambitions and renewing exports. We look at the implications for the oil price. 

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