external asset managers.

    For the past three decades, Lombard Odier has empowered external asset managers to create prosperity and inspire trust. To add value, from one entrepreneur to another. Whether you are a family office, multi-family office, an EAM or would like to become one, we can help you tap into our two centuries heritage of tradition and innovation.

    the best of both worlds.

    As an External Asset Manager (EAM), you have the support of Lombard Odier. Our team of professionals dedicated to EAM coordinates your needs with our in-house experts to find tailored and effective solutions.

    As your clients’ wealth manager, you offer them your expertise and make autonomous strategic decisions to help them protect their wealth. And we’ll be with you, every step of the way.

    Your client therefore gets the best of both worlds. They will be patrons of a self-financed, well-capitalised and independently owned private bank. They will benefit from first-class, front-to back-banking services. All this, while maintaining a strong relationship with an independent wealth manager they trust.




    bespoke EAM services, more than a custodian bank.


    your dedicated Relationship manager

    EAM can rely on a global team of 70 experienced and dedicated professionals located in seven offices across the world’s financial centres: Bermuda, Geneva, Lausanne, Luxembourg, Nassau, Singapore, Zurich. Whether your dedicated team is based in Switzerland or one of our global offices, their mission is the same: to build a genuine long-term partnership with you, founded on trust and excellence.




    cutting-edge technology

    We constantly invest in the technology that gives our clients the information they need, securely, when and where they need it. Our portfolio management system (PMS) has been designed and developed in-house by and for wealth managers. This integrated, fast, high-performance technology for banking is available to you and gives you total autonomy. G2 Pro allows not only to analyse portfolios and their performance, but also to generate personalised and sophisticated reporting for clients and to consolidate their assets easily, recovering up to 10 years’ worth of historical data. Our e-banking solution, MyLO, is available to EAM’s clients.

    “We empower EAM to offer something unique. A wide range of quality, tailored services, products and specialists. The backing of a solid, financially strong and innovative institution. And the excellence EAM need to forge trusted relationships with their clients” Laurent Pellet, Global Head of EAM

    investment solutions and sustainability

    Our sophisticated investment platform, one of the largest of all Swiss private banks, is at your fingertip. We have been developing a sustainable investment approach for more than 20 years. You will be able to leverage the expertise of over 200 investment professionals providing in-depth proprietary insights, covering a wide spectrum, including: equities, bonds, investment funds, alternative investments.


    added-value services

    Our service offering is based on a bespoke approach where your Relationship manager listens to understand your specific requirements in order to offer the appropriate solutions. These include a regulatory support, tax & reporting services, multi-booking, wealth planning, Lombard Loans, philanthropy, FIX protocol, fiduciary services, asset servicing, LO investment funds.


    why work with us.




    there for you

    Lombard Odier is a solid partner for all family offices, multi-family offices and External Asset Managers. We support financial intermediaries1 at all stages of their company’s development, from its creation to its succession, with tailored service offering and solutions.


    family bank on a human scale

    By selecting Lombard Odier, EAM are choosing a boutique bank differentiating itself through its ownership model, where our partners own and manage the firm, and continue to personally serve clients.


    solidity and financial strength

    In a world of uncertainty, we seek to offer solidity and stability. We would not take risks for our clients that we’re not prepared to take for ourselves. Stability is the cornerstone of all we do. We’re one of the best capitalised banks in the world, with more than double the minimum capital required by our regulators. Our balance sheet is highly liquid and conservatively invested.


    tradition and innovation: the foundations of our firm

    For over 220 years, we have forged a strong tradition of innovation. In today’s fast-paced world, we constantly invest in the technology that gives our clients the information they need, securely, when and where they need it.

    We support External Asset Managers at all stages of their company’s development, from its creation to its succession, with tailored service offering and solutions

    1 Financial intermediaries include family offices, multi-family offices, external or independent asset managers, independent financial advisors (IFA)

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