As a philanthropic organisation, you want your portfolio to be managed sustainably, so that it can support your foundation and its mission for decades to come. 

For more than 220 years, Lombard Odier has played a major role in both wealth management and philanthropy. We are deeply involved in the Swiss foundation community and in promoting philanthropy in our country. We are also active in this field through our two foundations, Fondation Lombard Odier and Fondation Philanthropia. The former is our company's foundation and the latter, an umbrella foundation, is entirely dedicated to our clients' projects.



Fondation Philanthropia has helped me to nurture this project and gain experience in the area of institutional philanthropy. The umbrella fund structure is much easier to set up and less expensive than a regular foundation, which means I can allocate more resources to the causes I wish to support.1

We have long-standing relationships with – and manage the assets of – many external foundations. We have also set up a dedicated team of portfolio management specialists for both institutional and private clients. We can therefore offer you a portfolio management strategy that meets your foundation's needs and aspirations.

You will also benefit from our sustainable, innovative and customised investment capabilities, as well as customised reports. 

Quote from Adelin Coigny, creator of Smile Wave Fund, in an interview published on

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