our private banking and wealth management expertise in Belgium.

    Our mission is to help you grow your wealth and that of future generations through our proactive, customised approach.

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    firmly established in Belgium for more than 20 years

    Lombard Odier is the private bank of reference for entrepreneurs and families in Belgium who are seeking a global approach, and personalised investment and wealth planning solutions. Firmly established in Belgium with an office in Brussels for more than 20 years, we offer the benefit of our local expertise while also giving you access to our network of offices and experts in more than 25 countries. Thanks to our strength and stability, Lombard Odier is one of the best capitalised banking groups.

    a comprehensive, tailored approach

    solutions tailored to your personal situation

    At Lombard Odier we take a holistic yet tailored approach to managing your wealth, taking account of your situation as a whole and the various aspects of your wealth, such as financial assets, real estate, shareholdings, your company and your retirement savings.

    This integrated approach considers your needs and wishes over the short, medium and long term, combining portfolio management and wealth planning. Following a detailed analysis of your professional and private projects, we propose tailored solutions that take into account generational aspects as well as the different jurisdictions to which you have ties.


    innovative and personalised investment solutions

    Our mission is to manage, preserve and multiply our clients' wealth over the long term. At a time when there is a trend towards automation and standardisation in private banking services, we place personal relationships and tailored investment solutions at the heart of our approach. 


    a solid investment platform

    With over 200 investment specialists around the world, we have the capacity to deliver innovative investment solutions and ideas within a robust and agile asset management framework. We provide customised investment solutions aligned with your values and investment preferences, covering all asset classes, both listed (equities, bonds, funds, etc.) and unlisted (private assets, private equity, real estate, infrastructure, etc.). 


    agile portfolio management

    We build personalised investment portfolios tailored to your objectives and constraints. Our discretionary mandates provide customised, direct and transparent management. Our advisory offering is aimed at those who wish to be more involved in the management process through regular contact with our investment specialists to ensure that we reflect your market outlook as closely as possible. You also have access to our open-architecture investment fund platform, which brings together some of the best external solutions on the market. 

    In addition, we have developed a highly sophisticated tool called Your Wealth Outlook that allows our clients to simulate investment scenarios based on their life goals and to structure their assets over the short, medium and long term to meet all their needs.


    a sustainable investment approach

    We firmly believe that sustainable investment is the greatest investment opportunity of our time and the way to generate long-term returns. We build portfolios using a forward-looking approach that allows us to identify those companies that are participating in the transition to a sustainable future. This approach is made possible through strategic partnerships, notably with the University of Oxford and consultants Systemiq, whose skills are essential to understanding systemic change. We are proud to be the world's first asset and wealth manager to receive BCorpTM certification, demonstrating our commitment to making a positive environmental and social impact. 

    We organise your wealth for future generations in local and international contexts

    local and international wealth engineering

    support at the key stages of your life, for you and your loved ones

    Our expertise extends well beyond portfolio management. Our integrated approach means we carry out a full analysis of your personal situation and that of your loved ones, as well as your life goals in the short, medium and long term, to offer you long-term and customised solutions.
    We also structure your assets to anticipate and plan for particular events such as the sale of your company, a gift, the transfer of wealth to future generations, your retirement or relocation. We manage these events for you, providing you with a consolidated view of your wealth that allows you to achieve your life goals. 


    local and international expertise

    Our local team of portfolio managers, investment advisers and wealth engineering experts is there to serve you. To support your cross-border and international projects, the team draws on our network of experts across more than 25 offices worldwide. Each one of our offices is connected to all the others through our unique banking platform, making management simple and efficient. When necessary, we also work closely with our clients' advisors or external partners.


    a dedicated private banker as a single point of contact

    At Lombard Odier, your banker is your single point of contact and your gateway to a multidisciplinary team organised around your specific needs, and your family and wealth structure. They take the time to understand your personal situation so they can offer solutions best suited to your needs and objectives in the short, medium and long term, both in Belgium and abroad. 


    a cutting-edge technology platform

    To simplify the management of your wealth, we developed our proprietary e-banking platform, My LO. This secure, intuitive technology allows you to view and manage all your assets across multiple accounts and countries anytime, anywhere and from various perspectives.

    Geoffroy VermeireLocal Managing Director

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