parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere

90 %

of the world population breathes air that exceeds WHO guidance limits 

Yadz, IRN - Milan, IT - Los Angeles, US 
most air polluted city, by continent*

0.99 °C

current increase in global
temperature as of 2020  

‹ 10 %

of our used materials are recycled

*This information is based on the last 30 days, within a limited data set, and may not include all countries. Source: aqicn.org

rethink sustainability.

food emissions contribute to over a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions and livestock is responsible for up to 40% of these emissions
LOGreen-Page2-CLIC-4-IconBattery -90%

battery costs have fallen 90% over the last decade

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discover our research paper: “CLIC™ mobility: a climate transition for transport in a post-COVID world”.

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