50 %

of all oxygen produced on Earth comes from our oceans

50 %

of our GDP is reliant on natural capital

Durban, ZA - Oaxaca, MX - Sydney, AU
most air polluted city, by continent*

75 %

of agricultural crops depend on pollinators such as bees

17 %

of annual CO2 emissions are absorbed by the world’s forests

*This information is based on the last 30 days, within a limited data set, and may not include all countries. Source: aqicn.org

rethink sustainability.

Ants are integral to maintaining our forests, one of our most precious sources of biodiversity and a vital asset in our journey towards net zero emissions

Today guano aka seabird excrement is estimated to be worth some USD 1.1 billion

For investors, it is vital to focus on identifying companies that harness the power of nature, as well as those helping to preserve it

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