10 %

of all humanity’s carbon emissions is produced by the fashion industry

USD 4.5 trn

of economic benefits can be generated by 2030 using the circular economy

Khorramabad, IR - Milan, IT - Santiago, MX
most air polluted city, by continent*

10 bn

tonnes of CO2 are absorbed by the oceans annually 

USD 5.5 trn

the annual investment opportunity of shifting to net-zero over the next fifteen years 

*This information is based on the last 30 days, within a limited data set, and may not include all countries. Source: aqicn.org

rethink sustainability.

The demand for clean hydrogen is forecast to rise eight-fold by 2050, becoming a crucial component in our future sustainable energy mix and journey towards net-zero

2.4% of global emissions are due to aviation 

Up to USD 600 billion worth of global crops per year could be at risk if bees didn't pollinate.

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