The next economic revolution has begun. At Lombard Odier, we believe sustainability will drive returns in the next three to five years and beyond. Our current operating model is unsustainable. It simply has to change, and the time is now. This global shift is already transforming our economies and the companies that drive them. And it is changing how we invest. This is The Sustainability Revolution. The largest investment opportunity in history.

the sustainability revolution.

The notion of ‘sustainability’ has most commonly been associated with climate change, but this current revolution goes way beyond that single, albeit very important, issue. 

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pressure for change.

The pressure on the corporate world to transition to a more sustainable model isn’t new. 

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sustainability in portfolio management.

Throughout history, companies have had to change with the times. At Lombard Odier, this principle has been part of our DNA for over 200 years. 

how we embed sustainability into our portfolio management

our three-pillar approach.

We use a three-pillar approach to see which firms are best positioned to benefit from the significant opportunities of The Sustainability Revolution. It assesses the sustainability of a company’s financial model, business practices and business models.

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We are firm believers in the importance of active ownership. This is a valuable tool to help companies transition in an orderly fashion, to adapt and increase their resilience. 

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Welcome to FT Rethink.

We have collaborated with the Financial Times to create a video series called “FT Rethink ” that brings to life how this next economic revolution will affect companies and investors whilst exploring the unparalleled investment opportunity.

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building bridges.

Building Bridges aspires to amplify the effectiveness of policy making in Switzerland to accelerate the flow of private sector investment in alignment with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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sustainability perspectives.

  • Can we be green and grow?
    rethink sustainability

    Can we be green and grow?

    In order to slow global warming, we must decouple growth from our consumption of resources and energy. Some critics argue that a "degrowth" is necessary. However, degrowth is not a solution because it slows down the innovation necessary for resource efficiency, according to economist Dimitri Zenghelis. Investing in innovation, science and creativity will enable us to get more from the resources at our disposal.

  • An honest interview with Patagonia - sustainably leading the outdoor clothing industry for over 40 years

    We talked with Patagonia, the best B Corp worldwide since 2011. Discover what Ryan Gellert, General Manager - EMEA, said about the brand's journey towards sustainability, their challenges and the company's beliefs and frustrations.

  • How one click less can help save the planet

    Meet the jackfruit. This little known fruit in Europe is making waves in South East Asia. One of the largest tree-borne fruits in the world, it has a meaty texture (akin to pulled pork), is extremely versatile and is seemingly heading to a meat-free plate near you. Read more on how this fruit might just be the new avocado. 

sustainability news.