LO SMART is an innovative digital interface developed by our Global Assets+ team. With LO SMART, you increase control over your data and assets, wherever you are, whenever you want. 

    At Global Assets+ we offer you more than just first-class global custody and asset servicing. We give you the ability to directly access and leverage your data thanks to our digital LO SMART interface. 

    With LO SMART, you access your consolidated reports through an intuitive, interactive interface. You can visualise and model your data from several angles and customise the overall view of your assets in just a few clicks.


    Customised and collaborative environment

    With LO SMART, you can freely create and customise your reports according to your needs. No specific knowledge or training is required to master this tool. 

    You can easily generate your reports as a dynamic web page or a PDF, save, export or print them. You can also share these reports using your usual means of communication. 

    In meetings, individuals can follow your presentation live on LO SMART or using the medium of their choice, and discuss via instant messenger. 

    Secure, agile and flexible

    The Global Assets+ team has developed this interface with a particular focus on flexibility, client experience and security, while taking into account the ease of use and access for our clients. We have integrated the ability to modify and update your reports offline, when you are on the move, for example. 

    However you connect, LO SMART is accessible wherever you are, whenever you want, via smartphone, tablet or computer. 

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