fondation lombard odier.

In its capacity as our corporate foundation, Fondation Lombard Odier carries out the philanthropic activities of our maison and its Partners.

Always asking how we can best build on our strengths, the Foundation funds forward-looking solutions to pressing challenges in the fields of education and humanitarianism. Our goal is to work with grantees where we can have an impact, and to offer more than just money.

Innovative financing is part of the formula. Today, non-profit organisations everywhere are accessing financial expertise to diversify their revenue streams and to become more effective at what they do. For example, as a founding member of the Corporate Support Group of the International Committee of the Red Cross, we provided both our expertise and the seed funding to incubate the Program for Humanitarian Impact Investment.

We also believe in the value of education and using the power of technology for good. Working with our strategic partner École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), we co-financed the international scientific “BigData” project Venice Time Machine (VTM), launched by the EPFL and the University Ca’Foscari of Venice. The project aims to digitise 80 kilometres of shelves filled with over a thousand years of administrative documents of the State Archives of Venice. Among them is a document hand-written by Galileo Galilei, then Professor of Mathematics in the University of Padua, requesting financial support from the Venetian Senate to develop the telescope.

The Foundation also actively contributes to the development of the philanthropy sector as a whole, to help amplify its potential to improve society for decades to come. We are a founding partner of the University of Geneva’s Centre for Philanthropy, where we promote dialogue and build awareness between people who are taking philanthropy into the future. We’re also actively involved in cooperative platforms, such as SwissFoundations, the European Foundation Center, and the European Venture Philanthropy Association.


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