our philanthropy services.

    In a world defined by rapid change, many wealthy individuals are rethinking their philanthropy with unprecedented ambition. We are here to help you turn aspiration into action.

    At Lombard Odier, we are building a new paradigm in effective philanthropy, helping our clients achieve new perspectives, goals, and lasting legacies. When wealthy clients want to realise their family values, create a personal legacy or maximise the catalytic effect of their philanthropy, our role is to help with structuring, programming and asset management.

    To maximise social impact and personal satisfaction, we work with you to answer several important questions:

    • What values do you want to honour?
    • What impact do you want to have on the world?
    • How can you translate your aspirations into an actionable plan?
    • How can you establish the right contacts with reputable philanthropic organisations and peers?

    These are profound questions. They demand professional analysis, management and monitoring. With our expertise and passion at your service, we are proud to accompany you on your philanthropic journey.

    We want to help you create solid foundations for your philanthropy for the long term. Based on our experience and long record of accomplishment working at the intersection of philanthropy and wealth, we have developed a multi-step approach to designing and realising your strategy with a turnkey “foundation in a box” solution. You can also take advantage of donor-advised funds under our umbrella foundation, Fondation Philanthropia.

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