Elections will change the world in 2024.
    Over 60 countries will go to the polls.

    The results of these elections will affect not just the more than four billion people living in these countries, but the nations who neighbour and trade with them too. The economic impact will be extensive.

    the implications for investors.

    The sustainability of fiscal deficits, the feasibility of tax cuts and the direction of trade policies could all be questioned. Changes to inheritance taxes or succession rules could have implications for residents and non-domiciled individuals. Energy and climate policies could pivot, not least in the United States, where Donald Trump rolled back over 100 environmental rules during his first term.

    Elections in 2024 take place amid high geopolitical risks, and a world fracturing into US and China-led blocs. India, the UK, Belgium, Austria, South Africa, Iran, Venezuela, Mexico and the European Parliament all face ballots this year. Local elections in Brazil could impact property taxes.

    Our elections page brings together all of our insights on the upcoming votes around the world, examining how they are altering the global macroeconomic and geopolitical landscape and the framework of local laws.

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