digital solutions.

My LO.

Want a cutting-edge, secure view of your portfolio?

With My LO, you can review your global portfolio at any time and from a variety of perspectives – with access available via smartphone, tablet or computer – at any place.

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global assets+.

A personalised, 360° perspective of your entire asset world

Global Assets+ gives you a birds-eye view of your entire asset world with a tailored perspective on everything, whether managed by us or someone else. This truly personalised, 360°-analysis of your assets from every angle is available to you anywhere in the world in seconds. Built with our latest secure technology and our unparalleled flexibility, this global view gives you everything you need to make the best possible asset management decisions.

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LO Gate.

Are you a professional investor looking for easy access to our information and applications?

With LO GATE, all of our professional partners, via our portal, can view documents and have access to key applications. Our interface is intuitive and divided into sections so if you’re looking for communications, specific Lombard Odier files or need to log into one of our applications, you can find everything you need in LO GATE.

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LO Trading.

Do you want to manage your clients’ portfolio more efficiently?

Our trading and advisory services offer global coverage and world-class investment expertise. With our specialists behind you, you’ll be in control - but not on your own. We’re independently-owned, so we answer only to you. And as a financial professional, you get access to our ideas and research through our proprietary online trading dashboard.

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LO Docs.

Your financial documents. Your reports. Your digital library

Do you want to manage your finances interactively? Do you want to view your portfolio, at a glance, or effortlessly run reporting? Then LO Docs is for you. At Lombard Odier, we have developed a highly secure, cutting-edge digital reporting tool which enables clients to review, analyse and manage their portfolios. 

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