asset services.

With Lombard Odier’s integrated global custody and reporting solution you can maintain a 360° view of your portfolios, allowing for simple and efficient administration of assets worldwide.

Whether you are a pension fund, a family office or a wealthy private person, Lombard Odier offers an efficient and proven solution for the safekeeping and tracking of your assets. We can provide you with a single view of all your assets, across multiple jurisdictions – and if need be, even those held with other banks, that can be securely accessed any time of day or night, anywhere in the world.

Our global custody and reporting offering includes two core services that are fully integrated:

  • Global Custody+ allows you to keep your assets safe thanks to the solidity of Lombard Odier – illustrated by our Fitch rating of AA- and our fully loaded capital Tier 1 ratio of over 20%.
  • Global Reporting+ allows you to maintain an overview of all your assets worldwide, including non-financial holdings such as real estate, private equity or art.

Thanks to a high degree of flexibility and Lombard Odier’s cutting-edge banking technology, we can provide you with full transparency of your holdings, allowing you to manage assets more efficiently.