our investment philosophy.

Successful investing is a skill. It requires discipline and composure in times of market stress. High-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs and wealthy families can enjoy the support of a trustworthy wealth manager who knows how to create sound and timely investment solutions.

We have safeguarded our clients’ wealth for over 220 years and through 40 financial crises. Finding opportunity against a backdrop of change and managing risks accordingly is what we do best. Our longstanding history in global banking, alongside our commitment to innovation, means that whatever transitions our clients face, we can support them. It’s this approach that enables us to offer stability and ensure continuity for our clients.

Today’s investors need investment specialists and strategies that evolve with our world. Who not only understand their lifestyle objectives, but also the market challenges and financial mutations they face and are able to adapt to their evolving needs. Investors need experts who re-evaluate, re-examine, and re-allocate sensibly yet without compromise. 

This is our philosophy. 

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