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Cyclical tailwinds are fading, but the structural case still looks valid

Cyclical winds are fading in emerging markets, but the structural case remains valid: imbalances have moderated, foreign currency debt has diminished, and international reserves have swelled.

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A turning point approaches

Consistently positive GDP growth, an exceptionally tight labour market, and steady recovery in consumer prices also make a shift in Bank of Japan policy likely later this year.

Spooked by the Trump administration’s sanctions on Russian individuals and companies, investors are struggling to value Russian assets. While the most immediate turmoil has been as predictable as the Russian government’s reaction is unforeseeable, we believe that it’s more important to step back and look at the historic implications. 

Risk, return and responsibility
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Risk, return and responsibility

Article published in Le Temps, April 16, 2018
By Hubert Keller, Managing Partner, Lombard Odier Group

Raising the bar: solid growth has become the norm
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Raising the bar: solid growth has become the norm

The recovery-turned-expansion is firmly in place, even if growth appears to be moderating somewhat from very high levels.

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Watch inflation, trade and the Federal Reserve

The stage is set for inflation in the US this year: a tight labour market, the traditional lag between GDP growth and inflation, and pro-growth policies being implemented so late in the cycle.

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Navigating volatile waters

An extension of the positive trend in global trade is the backbone of our pro-risk asset allocation. But how long can the upcycle last? What if trade tensions escalate? 

Will sustainability be the global economy's ultimate disruptor?

Three of the world’s leading central banks have sounded a warning call about the risks that climate change poses to the financial system. On this, we believe that investors can no longer afford to treat environmental and other ESG issues as a niche concern in portfolios.

Responsible investing already accounts for more than one in five dollars managed professionally in the US, and studies suggest that the proportion could be almost 53% for European assets. With this growth poised to accelerate, sustainability is quickly becoming a ‘whole portfolio’ affair – and we would encourage investors to think of it as such.