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    Meet our new Managing Partner

    Meet our new Managing Partner

    Meet Jean-Pascal Porcherot, who became Managing Partner in January 2022 and represents the asset management unit of our Group, Lombard Odier Investment Managers (LOIM). Read the interview here.

    Ukraine crisis leaves Europe at an energy crossroads

    The crisis in Ukraine has highlighted Europe’s dependence on Russia for its energy needs and precipitated the need to move away from fossil fuels. From renewables to nuclear power, we look at what’s next for energy in Europe.

    Will inflation offer Switzerland a window to escape negative interest rates?

    Can the SNB drop negative rates for the first time since 2015? We assess the outlook for the Swiss economy and Swiss franc.

    Private assets, public appeal – will these investments weather rising rates?

    Private assets are under-employed in many portfolios. Their multi-year approach offers investors a way to spread risk while participating in the innovative drivers behind economic growth.

    Seven questions to ask before buying a property

    When purchasing the home of your dreams, it is essential to consider a number of legal, tax and financial issues to avoid unwelcome surprises.

    Dollar strength broadens out
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    Dollar strength broadens out

    What should investors make of the recent dollar rally? We examine this and the outlook for developed and emerging market currency pairs, oil and gold in our monthly FX update.

    Waiting for guidance: stock markets hinge on China, Fed and Ukraine

    Until US inflation peaks, and China’s economy rebounds to let supply chains recover, equity markets will stay volatile.

    Gulf Steam: economies in the region gather pace
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    Gulf Steam: economies in the region gather pace

    Can the economic boom in the Gulf weather higher interest rates? We assess the outlook amid a shift away from oil, changing working dynamics, and growing economic competition amid the GCC’s members.

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