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With the advance of technology, will we continue to exist for much longer? Or are we to be replaced by the machines that we are working so hard to create. These grand themes were the subject of this year's TEDxCern event, which took place in Geneva recently.

Interest in philanthropy is growing rapidly among wealthy individuals around the globe, and there are many factors driving this trend. Today, getting involved in projects can be faster, more efficient and more flexible, with philanthropists enjoying greater support in planning and structuring their activities.

It was the Ancient Romans who first discovered the benefits in using poisons to heal rather than harm humans. Some animal venoms can be used to cure diseases, create new drugs and treat chronic conditions. 

Melville - the city where an elder life is a better life
rethink sustainability

Melville - the city where an elder life is a better life

Melville in Australia is a city of the elderly. One in every four people is over the age of 60 and it has the second highest level of dementia in Western Australia. By 2020, the older population is expected to rise to 29,400, almost one third of all residents.

Abe’s choice: constitutional re-write or economic consolidation

Japan’s soon-to-be longest-serving Prime Minister faces a choice between reinforcing ‘Abenomics’ or chancing an historic change to the country’s pacifist constitution. Investors hope he picks the former.

rethink sustainability

The two keys

The way in which humanity consumes Earth’s resources has triggered a slow-moving catastrophe. To reverse it, we must act fast. But the problem of resource sustainability is an indicator of two even deeper problems. And while the—often surprising—solutions to these problems are entirely achievable, investors must fulfil a critical role if they’re to be realised in time. Investors who answer the call won’t just change the world for the better. They’ll be the beneficiaries of a truly extraordinary investment opportunity.

Next year, voters in India go to the polls in an election that threatens to undermine Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s majority government. As Modi’s political opponents form alliances, the risk to his reforms and the probability of a spending splurge are on the rise with implications that, we believe, investors need to grasp.

Rethink your reports

Rethink your reports

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