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Wealth management and the priorities of the next generation

As more and more of our clients are beginning to involve their children in the management of the family’s wealth, we are acquiring bankers who have more in common with them. So what do the next generation expect and what are their interests and concerns?

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G10 FX Monthly: Turning tactically neutral on sterling

Sterling has had a remarkable year-end run. We are now lowering our 2020 forecasts and turning neutral on GBP. 


The rise of women in finance

LO Women’s Club is an initiative launched by a number of female bankers is enjoying growing success. Almost three years after its inception, one of its founders reflects.

Harvesting the Magic Money Tree
investment insights

Harvesting the Magic Money Tree

A twenty-year-old economic theory is challenging conventional thinking on debt. Modern Monetary Theory promises spending solutions as the US enters an election year. 

Swiss sustainable finance helps amputees in the DRC walk again

Orthopedic hospitals in DRC, Mali and Nigeria are under construction thanks to a pioneering social humanitarian bond we supported in 2017, in partnership with the Red Cross. Discover an in-depth report on the project’s development in Le Matin Dimanche and hear more about the rehabilitation of victims of war.

Rising US-Iran tensions are weighing on markets. What kind of impact should investors expect on oil, gold and equity markets, and how can they best protect their portfolios against geopolitical uncertainty?

The demand for food protein is rising and investors are looking at what is a fast-growing market. But despite the potential, the industry shows some substantial downsides. Discover the problems in our video with the Financial Times.

Selling a start-up in France: how to limit the tax impact

As an entrepreneur, there are several options available to you when you resell your shares. Between the different regimes in place and future personal and professional projects, it is important to carefully analyze your situation in order to set up the most suitable tax structure. Find out more in our interview with our experts