rethink sustainability

    Welcome to the sustainability revolution

    The next economic revolution is already underway.

    Read our statement of intent in a letter by Patrick Odier, Senior Managing Partner

    The most fundamental shift in the history of humanity. And this revolution bears the name sustainability. It’s more than just an environmental issue.

    It’s a revolution that will affect everyone and everything on the planet, influencing the way governments act, industries function and businesses behave. And one that touches every aspect of all 7.6 billion lives on this planet: energy, transport, food-systems, population growth, healthcare, education, data management.

    We believe it represents the biggest investment opportunity in history.

    The single biggest driver of returns. The future of long-term prosperity.

    Yet whilst the promise is inspirational, the reality will be fraught with challenge.

    The one thing we do know is that seismic change is chaotic to the unprepared. But in uncertain times, one puts faith in those that have navigated such waters in the past. With 222 years of experience, we are that navigator.

    The sustainability revolution is here. Will you ignore it? Or invest in it?

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