University of Geneva’s Centre for Philanthropy.

    Arising from a strong founding partnership between UNIGE and three grant-making foundations, including Fondation Lombard Odier; the Centre for Philanthropy promotes research on philanthropy and university training, including public knowledge dissemination and practitioner training.

    University of Geneva’s Centre for Philanthropy.

    For over 200 years, Geneva has provided a unique environment for individuals and institutions who work for the public good. Philanthropy is in constant evolution, generating engagement from a growing number of individuals and organisations. Thus, its impact is bigger than ever. Besides conducting research, the Centre plans to organise two workshops or luncheons per year to encourage dialogue between research and practice and better mutual knowledge of the sector. Furthermore, the biannual Geneva Summit on Philanthropy will bring together the field’s best researchers and practitioners.

    Fondation Lombard Odier is proud to be one of the founding partners of the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy. It is part of Lombard Odier’s social responsibility to contribute to the evolution of philanthropy and to help reinforce Geneva’s foothold in the field at an international level.

    We believe this project will make a lasting contribution to our shared understanding and to the practice of 21st-century philanthropy.

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