France Digitale Day: Lombard Odier champions innovative and impactful start-ups

    France Digitale Day: Lombard Odier champions innovative and impactful start-ups

    As a long-standing partner of France Digitale, Lombard Odier will be participating in the 10th edition of France Digitale Day, to be held on September 28th in Paris. This unique tech event will bring together over 2,500 start-up founders, investors and decision-makers from around the world, including Sequoia Capital, WeWork, BlaBlaCar, OVH and Google. The theme of this year’s event – Beyond Borders – is designed to foster growth in the start-up ecosystem within Europe and beyond.

    Participants will also be joined by Christoph Béchu, the French Minister for Ecological Transition, for a day that will focus on impact start-ups and companies working to create a sustainable, net-zero emissions world. For instance, Plan A, a B-Corp certified company operating in a number of European capitals, offers a platform that allows companies to measure and improve their carbon emissions and ESG (environment, social and governance) performance. Likewise, Syroco develops innovative solutions that help to meet environmental challenges in the fields of transport and energy.


    Supporting entrepreneurs and the start-up ecosystem

    As a partner of France Digitale since 2016, Lombard Odier strives to support entrepreneurs to foster innovation and maximise their impact.

    Our Paris office, representing Lombard Odier in France, has a strong connection to start-up networks, both locally and internationally. As an entrepreneurial bank, we have been developing our own technology platform and sustainable investment solutions for almost 30 years. More than ever, we believe that technology and innovation are key factors in achieving sustainable objectives that will have a positive impact on our economy.

    For over six years, Lombard Odier has been working with the France Digitale teams to help entrepreneurs navigate a complex economic environment and prepare them for cash-events in order to maximise their impact
    Edouard De Saint Pierre

    Entrepreneurs: maximising project impact

    Lombard Odier supports entrepreneurs with their professional and personal projects, offering a comprehensive and tailor-made approach based on their objectives.

    To successfully achieve the desired objectives surrounding a cash-event, such as the transfer or sale of company shares, it is essential to consider family circumstances and asset ownership in addition to professional and personal objectives. Indeed, in the context of a cash-event, many entrepreneurs aspire to give meaning to the capital they receive. Whether it is financing young, committed companies, or embarking on philanthropic ventures, setting up a solid asset management system beforehand allows business owners to maximise the sums available, and therefore their impact.

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    Investing with impact: combining sustainability with returns

    Entrepreneurs, understandably, invest the majority of their time and efforts into managing their businesses. With the help of our bankers, investment experts and wealth planners, we support them along the way by offering reflections and advice on the decisions that will affect their wealth. At Lombard Odier, we are committed to preparing start-up founders and entrepreneurs for their cash-events by incorporating impact investing as a priority conviction. For us, integrating sustainability into all aspects of asset management is also a key factor for performance.

    Our mission is to provide our clients with the opportunity to promote a sustainable future, while ensuring returns

    When an entrepreneur plans to reinvest part of the capital received from a cash-event into companies that offer sustainable solutions, our ecosystem works together to create a tailored solution that will help achieve this objective. Our deep and longstanding experience in working with numerous entrepreneurs has granted us access to specialised and recognised advisors in their fields, as well as dedicated project leaders.

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    As the first global asset and wealth manager to receive a B-Corp certification, we are proud to support entrepreneurs and start-ups who are contributing to building a more sustainable world.

    Investment risks can be expected to materialise amongst laggards in many industries, but we believe that a considerable investment upside will be unlocked as opportunities shift towards solution providers and transition leaders. At Lombard Odier, we believe our fiduciary duty calls for us to grasp these opportunities whilst understanding and managing the downside risks related to the environmental transition. We do this via thematic and impact strategies. Our thematic strategies focus on “green alpha” and capture performance upside related to the environmental transition, whilst our impact strategies focus on deploying capital in order to accelerate the transition via solutions that have high potential for scale.

    Important information

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