CERN helps us to build a better tomorrow today

    CERN helps us to build a better tomorrow today

    Lombard Odier is very proud to once again partner with the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) & Society Foundation as part of the ATLAS doctoral scholarship programme, supporting PhD students in their particle physics research. March 27 saw the latest round of awards when three talented scientists were given grants to continue their studies.

    In a world that is constantly changing, “we work to transmit to the next generation and rethink and innovate to secure our futures," shared Alexandre Zeller, Lombard Odier Managing Partner.

    The proud recipients

    For this year's scholarship, two recipients were sponsored by Lombard Odier, Albert Kong and Prajita Bhattarai.

    Mr Kong, from Adelaide University in Australia, is involved in the study of the production of the “top quark", the heaviest elementary particle.

    “Undertaking a PhD project with CERN and the ATLAS experiment is the culmination of around 18 years of education for me. When I first set out with my vague goal of making grand contributions to physics, I never dreamed I would have the chance to work with as large and as renowned a collaboration as ATLAS. This represents the opportunity I was looking for to make a lasting impact, and I intend to make the most of it," he shared.

    Ms Bhattarai, from Brandeis University in the US, is studying Higgs boson decaying to four leptons as well as other standard model particles that decay into the same final states and look for deviation from the theoretical expectations.

    “My goal is to learn as much as I can from the experts in the field about the cutting-edge research done at CERN. I am here to acquire knowledge in particle physics and develop a better understanding of the field. I am also aiming to develop my analytic, computing and interpersonal skills at CERN," she said.


    Banking and tech are bound together

    The intertwining of banking and technology has never been at a more critical point. Arash Sorouchyari, Head of Technology Platfom Strategy & Design, at Lombard Odier, gave insights into how technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) can give opportunities for private banks.

    “The idea is not to find out one day that your banker has been replaced by a very nice robot. The idea is about augmenting the power of our staff by providing them more insights and more time by removing some of the repetitive tasks that they are supposed to do," he said.

    By using AI, we can build highly specialized agents that have the ability to process very important volume of data that humans cannot, said Mr. Sorouchyari. These agents can for example identify interesting patterns and signals by combining a very large number of information sources. Investment specialists and bankers can use these signals as an additional source of information for decision.

    The idea is about augmenting the power of our staff by providing them more insights and more time by removing some of the repetitive tasks that they are supposed to do

    A cautious future

    Mario Di Castro from CERN said robots can work to overcome the negative effects of megatrends such as an ageing populations, climate change and urbanisation through manufacturing, food production, construction and goods fulfilment. But while there is a lot of potential to be gleaned from robots, there are also difficulties, he said.

    Lombard Odier strives to use collective imaginations to secure new perspectives - and CERN is a major source of inspiration, shared Zeller.

    “Robotics and artificial intelligence research and development, if used correctly taking into account fundamental ethical aspects, could have positive impact on our society, increasing human safety and attenuating the negative effects of mega trends," said Mr Di Castro.

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