responsible capital has purpose

At Lombard Odier, solving the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges, as an investor or philanthropist, goes hand-in-hand with strong financial performance. By creating solutions that can be easily integrated into portfolios, we pride ourselves on our ability to marry both the interests of the private investor with the wellbeing of society.

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striving to create a better world with The Global Fund

Deaths from AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria have been cut by one-third in countries where The Global Fund invests. The Global Fund and Lombard Odier’s purpose together is to mobilise investment to free the world from these three deadly diseases. Our strategy is an innovative investment model that supports the Sustainable Development Goals and advances global health. Our strategic partnership will rethink traditional approaches to investment and philanthropy.

responsible capital has purpose

fighting the battle against climate change with Affirmative Investment Management

Combatting the devastating effects of climate change is our combined mission. Affirmative Investment Management and Lombard Odier have spearheaded fixed income investment solutions that combine sustainability and profitability for decades.  We established the fastest growing climate bond strategy in 2017, confronting global challenges by financing positive solutions. To date, our strategy has had a positive environmental or social impact in over 50 countries.

​our responsible capital philosophy - rethinking for 222 years

We’ve grown stronger through 40 financial crises, not by standing still and waiting for them to pass, but by re-evaluating and rethinking the world around us. We have a long tradition of thinking and acting along principles of social responsibility, sustainability and impact investing. Over the last two centuries, we have consistently refined our approach to responsible investing with a passion borne out of our faith in its power and purpose. We believe that our heritage and depth of expertise in this category is unrivalled. Both our imagination and innovation enables us to offer pioneering investment strategies to our clients. It’s this ability to constantly rethink that makes an impact. That is what makes us different

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