Middle East investor views 2022.

    What’s driving the investment decisions of high-net-worth investors in the Middle East today? What are their plans for the future and how do attitudes differ between younger and older investors? Download our incisive new report to understand all these issues and more.

    What’s driving High-Net-Worth investment decisions in the Middle East?

    At Lombard Odier, we believe that we need to be constantly proactive to offer the best possible service to our clients. That’s why we commissioned a comprehensive survey of established and younger high-net-worth (HNW) business owners in the Middle East to understand their views and insights on four key topics:

    • Values-based investing 

    • Succession planning

    • Asset allocation 

    • The next generation

    The report, which will be published in four parts, aggregates the views of 300 HNW investors from across the Middle East. Respondents were from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt and Lebanon.

    Download Part 1 now to discover what is driving the surge in appetite for values-based investments in the Middle East. The other parts, concerning succession planning, asset allocation and the next generation, will be released over the course of the year.

    Part 1: How do your values guide your investment decisions?

    With values-based investing garnering significant investor attention globally, we wanted to find out how values are shaping investors’ decisions across the Middle East. Have attitudes to Islamic and sustainable investing changed since the pandemic? Do investors already reflect these factors in their investments and do they plan on increasing allocations?

    From Islamic finance to sustainable investing approaches, investors in the region are rapidly adopting investment strategies that align with their principles.

    Part 1: Values-based investing

    Why is appetite for values-based investments surging in the Middle East?

    Islamic finance is a natural fit for us. Being an ethical and responsible investor with Islamic values, our interest in Islamic finance investments has grown naturally. We have always avoided high risk investments and by aligning ourselves to Islamic finance investments, we continue to follow our investment strategy very well.

    Young investor, Saudi Arabia, USD 5- 10 mn

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