bespoke, cross-border wealth management for expats in the UAE.

    Are you looking for a local yet global expert that can provide guidance, a proactive approach and long-term security? At Lombard Odier, we understand that financial stability is essential when starting life as an expatriate. Download our exclusive guide to the 10 key family and financial-planning matters you should consider when moving to or living in the UAE.

    As an entrepreneur or executive, your time is valuable. You like to stay in control of your private and professional life and are looking for experienced partners who can guide you proactively as an expat in the UAE.

    At Lombard Odier, we accompany you on your wealth journey, helping you to make the most of your assets so that you can focus on what matters most to you. Present in the region since 2007, our local team has a deep understanding of the region and its connections to the rest of the world, and a wealth of experience meeting the needs of expats in the UAE.


    living abroad can have a significant impact on your wealth.

    • Your wealth in the UAE and abroad: As an expat, have you considered all aspects of your wealth - asset allocation, performance, risk, law, and taxation - in the UAE and abroad?
    • Your family’s needs: Have you included your family members in the equation, wherever they may be based? Are you aware of the tax and legal consequences of your stay in - or departure from - the UAE in terms of succession planning, business transmission or marital status?
    • Your wealth optimisation: When you consider your private and professional assets, pension, stock options and real estate, do you take a global approach or do you address them in silos?
    • Your place of residence: Will you be staying in the UAE over the long term or are you planning to relocate at some point? Is your wealth structured accordingly?

    Download our report to discover the 10 key wealth planning matters to consider as an expat in the UAE.

    Our guide for expats provides an overview of ten key family and financial planning matters you should consider when moving to or living in the UAE. Let us help you build a life in the region, and take full advantage of the wealth and investment opportunities. 

    our global and bespoke approach to your wealth.

    At Lombard Odier, we offer a personalised service at every stage of your life, maximising value while seeking to preserve performance and manage risk in an international context.

    Our approach is forward-looking and based on your life goals. It is tailored to your personal circumstances and aims to cover your short, medium, and long-term needs and objectives. From your private assets and your company to your real estate, we take a global approach to your wealth so that all components are interconnected. We conduct a detailed diagnosis of your professional and private projects to manage your wealth effectively and develop investment strategies tailored to your needs.

    We understand your needs. Deeply rooted in the region since 2007, we have a wealth of experience serving expats
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    you are moving to or already live and work in the UAE.

    Our wide range of services can help you optimise the performance of your assets in an international context and in different currencies, diversify your investments, invest in private equity, manage your stock options, acquire property, and plan your retirement and succession.

    • Managing private assets: discretionary and advisory mandates, sustainable investment mandates, private equity
    • Managing other assets: pensions, real estate investments, professional assets (stock options), holdings in private companies
    • Cross-border/generational support and management: international wealth management, foreign currency exposures, residency and transfers of residency, intergenerational and cross-border planning
    • Wealth planning: financial planning, retirement preparation, estate planning (matrimonial property, inheritance laws), tax optimisation
    • Legal and tax insights: on regulatory changes and their impact on your wealth in the UAE as well as the countries you have links to
    • Funding: mortgage advice, Lombard loans


    do you plan on setting up a business when moving to the UAE?

    The type of company you choose to set up will be largely dictated by the nature of the business activity you intend to engage in. Do you intend to develop an international or local business? Do you need to establish a physical presence in the UAE such as setting up an office? Do you intend to set up in one of the UAE's many free zones, or create a local business?

    Since 1 June 2023, companies that are effectively incorporated or managed in the UAE and whose profits exceed AED 375,000 are taxed at a fixed rate of 9%. This levy can also be applied to companies registered in free zones, subject to certain exceptions, or to certain individuals who carry out a commercial activity (subject to a trading licence).


    you are leaving the UAE and/or retiring.

    Your banker is your single point of contact for all our services. They will support your transition and handle all aspects of wealth management, including the changes that your retirement or departure may bring, particularly regarding tax.

    • Leaving the UAE: cross-border and financial planning, asset restructuring, tax planning, residency transfer, management of your pension assets
    • Retiring in the UAE or abroad: retirement planning, wealth planning to maintain your lifestyle, estate, intergenerational and cross-border planning and tax management.

    personalised portfolio management.

    We are advisors, not sellers. Through our discretionary mandates, we offer tailored, direct and transparent portfolio management that adapts to a continually evolving economic landscape. If you wish to be more involved in the management process, our advisory service enables you to have regular contact with our investment specialists and to implement a dynamic strategy that matches your market outlook as closely as possible.


    your personal banker and single entry point to our experts.

    You will be accompanied by a dedicated and experienced banker, your trusted advisor and single entry point to the local UAE team and Lombard Odier’s global network. Your banker will have the support of a multidisciplinary team with the experience needed to provide global support. The team includes wealth planning experts, portfolio managers, investment advisors, custody service and financial reporting specialists, as well as external partners when needed.


    best-in-class technology to view and manage your portfolio.

    Our banking technology is recognised as market-leading in our industry. Our multi-channel MyLO tool is a cockpit from which you can view and manage all your assets, across accounts and countries, on a single platform.


    leader in sustainable finance.

    Sustainability is at the heart of our investment approach and our corporate strategy. We believe that the sustainability revolution is the biggest investment opportunity of our time. We are constantly investing in and expanding our market-leading sustainability research and investment teams. Lombard Odier was the first global wealth and asset manager to receive B Corp certification in 2019, and was recertified in 2023.


    a strong and stable firm.

    Founded in 1796, Lombard Odier is an innovative, Swiss private bank of reference for entrepreneurs and their families. The group is privately owned, stable and strongly capitalised. Its capital ratio is more than double the level required by its regulators and it does not rely on external sources of debt. Present in more than 25 countries, it is large enough to be a key industry player but remains human in scale.

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