diversity and inclusion.

    We, at Lombard Odier are committed to creating a workplace that promotes diversity and inclusion, which is why we are a part of Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE). Launched at the World Economic Forum in 2011, EDGE is the leading global assessment methodology and business certification standard for gender equality. EDGE designed its Certification to help organisations create an optimal, beneficial workplace for both women and men.

    By participating in the EDGE programme, Lombard Odier has committed itself to stronger gender balance, pay equity, a solid framework of gender equality policies and practices, and an inclusive workplace culture as reflected by high engagement levels of both male and female employees

    The EDGE certification has three levels: ASSESS, which recognises commitment to achieving equal opportunities for men and women in the workplace; MOVE, which recognises progress made towards that goal; and LEAD, which celebrates organisations that have achieved all of EDGE’s gender equality standards. In awarding its certifications, EDGE measures where organisations stand in terms of gender balance across their pipeline, pay equity, the effectiveness of policies and practices in ensuring equitable career development, and the inclusiveness of their culture.


    Lombard Odier’s EDGE Certification

    In 2014, Lombard Odier became the first bank in Switzerland to achieve ASSESS, the first level of EDGE Certification that we have since been awarded three times.

    In 2022, Lombard Odier was awarded the EDGE MOVE certification for the 2nd time.

    This new Certification followed a rigorous third-party audit that included a comprehensive review of Lombard Odier’s gender policies and practices, a detailed analysis of company statistics from the entire workforce, and an evaluation of the employee experience in terms of career development opportunities.

    According to the assessment, Lombard Odier has a solid framework of effective policies and practices when it comes to equal pay for equivalent work and organisational culture

    However, there remains room for improvement in recruitment and promotion, leadership development and training and flexible working. Therefore, Lombard Odier is committed to delivering an action plan that will further accelerate our progress toward achieving equal workplace opportunities.

    The financial sector has traditionally been a male-dominated field. At Lombard Odier, we recognise that we are on a journey and still have a ways to go. But we are delighted that what we have achieved around diversity and inclusion has been recognised by EDGE, which encourages us to go even further.

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