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    our advice: prepare and organise your wealth before selling your business.


    Whether you are already engaged in the process of selling your business or are thinking about a possible sale, you may be asking yourself the following questions:  

    • What are the different stages in the process of selling a business?
    • How do I optimise the valuation and conditions of the transaction?
    • How do I best prepare my business before the sale?
    • What will the tax impact be of selling my business?
    • How can I best integrate the sale of my business into my succession plan?
    • How do I make my new personal projects a reality?
    • How do I prepare for a change of residence abroad?

    A private bank
    Stable and solid

    Guided and forward-thinking
    wealth and tax planning

    A diversified, prudent and
    robust investment strategy

    Access to experienced
    financial experts

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    why us.

    At a time when many are opting for standardised offerings within private banking, we believe in personal relationships and bespoke investment solutions, powered by cutting-edge technology.

    At Lombard Odier, we support the transformation to a fair and sustainable world. We are proud to have been the first global wealth and asset manager to be awarded B Corp certification.

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