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    This page will help answer your questions about My LO and solve issues that you may encounter. We hope that these explanations and videos will improve your experience. Our support team is, of course, also available.

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    Using My LO

    Where can I find the apps and programmes to download?

    The My LO and My LO Sign applications for iPhone and iPad are available in Apple’s App Store and those for Android tablets and smartphones in the Google Play Store.

    If you search for “Lombard Odier” you will find them more quickly.

    What happens if I delete the app on my device or reinstall it?

    If the My LO app is uninstalled and reinstalled, it needs to be reactivated.

    You will need your smartcard to do this. If you don’t have one, you can contact our support team, which will help you with the process.

    Where can I find the IBAN and BIC/SWIFT codes for one of my accounts?

    The IBAN can be found under Client Centre > Portfolios > Information.

    Where can I switch on notifications?

    You can turn on “push” notifications on your smartphone or tablet using the My LO mobile app. To do this, go to Client Centre > Settings > Push Notifications.

    My LO Sign

    About My LO Sign

    My LO Sign is a mobile application which allows you to log on securely to My LO. My LO Sign is also needed to approve payments to a new beneficiary.

    What should I do if I want to make payments and My LO Sign is required?

    Confirmation is needed for payments to a new beneficiary. This is done via the Lombard Odier app “My LO Sign”, which needs to be installed on your smartphone or tablet. Confirmation via My LO Sign is a second verification factor, designed to strengthen the security of your e-banking operations, while guaranteeing data integrity between transmission and receipt of the order.

    Please install the My LO Sign app, which will also enable you to connect to My LO web and mobile, in a simple and very secure way.

    Why do I need to confirm new beneficiaries?

    Confirming the creation of a new beneficiary via the My LO Sign app gives added security for your online payment operations. It helps ensure that payments are not made or manipulated by third parties.

    In other words, this process guarantees that the order really is from yourself.

    Why do I not have to confirm all payments on “My LO Sign”?

    Only payments to new beneficiaries in Switzerland and foreign payments need to be confirmed via the My LO Sign app. Once a beneficiary has been approved, no further confirmation will be needed for subsequent payments.

    Making payments

    How do I make payments?

    You can make a payment from the “payment” menu, by clicking on the “new payment” button.

    How can I create a standing order?

    You can create a standing order when you enter a new payment. When you enter a new payment, there is an option to choose the type of payment: single or recurring. For a standing order, you need to set the amount and frequency.

    What are the payment limits in My LO?

    The authorised payment limits are CHF 50,000 per transaction and CHF 100,000 per day in total (or the equivalent in another currency).

    In which currencies can payments be made?

    The authorised currencies are as follows: CHF, EUR, USD, GBP.

    To which countries can I send a payment?

    For security reasons, the list of countries to which a payment can be made has been limited to the following:

    Andorra / Austria / Belgium / Cyprus / Czech Republic / Denmark / Estonia / Finland / France / French Guiana / Germany / Gibraltar / Great Britain / Greece / Guadeloupe / Iceland / Ireland / Italy / Latvia / Liechtenstein / Luxembourg / Macedonia / Malta / Martinique / Monaco / Montenegro / Norway / Netherlands / Poland / Portugal / Reunion / Romania / Salvador / San Marino / Slovakia / Slovenia / Spain / Sweden / Switzerland / Turkey.

    Can I change or cancel a payment that has not yet been executed?

    In principle, a payment entered with a future execution date can be changed or cancelled free of charge at any time up to the day before its execution date (value date). However, for some currencies, market rules mean payments must be cancelled at least two or three days before the execution date (value date).

    In My LO, pending payments can be found under Payments > Payment History > Pending.

    Can I cancel a payment that has already been completed?

    A completed payment cannot be cancelled or changed. For any issues relating to completed payments, please contact the beneficiary directly to request a full or partial refund, or a correction.

    Where can I find completed payments?

    On the home page, click on Payments > Payment history.

    You can search directly by entering a key word in the search bar or using the filters provided (date, currency, etc.).

    How do I use the scan function in My LO mobile?

    In the My LO mobile app, available for iOS and Android, go into the Payment menu and press “scan”.

    A screen will immediately appear that enables you to scan a QR invoice or paying-in slip (functionality only available for clients resident in Switzerland).

    Position your mobile device above the orange paying-in slip or QR invoice so that it shows the full line of code or the full QR code in the frame on the screen of your mobile device.

    The payment is immediately digitised and displayed. Check the payment and add details if needed. Choose “next”, then “send” to send the payment.


    What are good security practices?

    All good practice guidance for e-banking security can be found on our dedicated page in your My LO application under: Client Centre > Settings > Security > Security - More.

    How do I update my browser?

    You should regularly update your browser to ensure optimal protection when you connect to My LO. See our browser update page to be redirected to the publisher’s site for your browser and carry out the update.

    What is a digital signature? 


    An electronic (or digital) signature is the digital version of a handwritten signature. It links electronic data to a digitised document. 

    This makes it possible to sign digital documents which previously had to be dealt with in hard copy. The electronic signature guarantees the contents of a document and the identity of the signatory by means of a signature certificate.

    How do digital signatures work? 

    To start the electronic signature procedure and be able to sign your documents electronically through My LO, you must have access to MyLO eBanking and our My LO Sign mobile application.

    The procedure is as follows.

    First of all, you will be notified that a new document to be signed is available in My LO.
    You must confirm the content of the document, and complete it if necessary, then start the signature process by following the instructions that will be provided to you. 

    Signing is done using the My LO Sign mobile application to ensure a high level of security.

    Lombard Odier then generates the electronic document signature using a digital certificate. You confirm your signature to indicate that you accept the binding nature of the document signed electronically.

    Once you have completed this stage of the signing procedure, you can upload the signed document to the "Documents > Signed documents" section and register it if you wish.

    Where can I view documents awaiting signature? 

    Whenever new documents need to be signed, you will see a notification in My LO inviting you to start the signature process from the home page.

    Where can I find my electronically signed documents? 

    You can find every document signed in the "Documents > Signed documents" section and download them if you wish.

    Help and support

    How can I get help with any questions?

    Please contact our client support service on the following numbers:

    Switzerland: +41 (0)22 709 33 51

    Belgium: +32 (0)2 543 08 54

    France: +33 (0)1 4926 4680

    UK: +44 (0)20 3206 6111

    Luxembourg: +352 2778 5555

    Singapore: +65 6305 7798

    (Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm CET)

    let's talk.