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Salary or dividends – what position should you take in the new tax environment?

Gilles Panchard, Financial Planner and Gerard Leyvraz, Tax Advisor at Lombard Odier Patrimonia analyse the tax treatment of companies and business owners in Switzerland as well as the pension provision challenge. Salary or dividends? Our experts analyse the best strategies to adopt.

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Lombard Odier: Rethinking wealth

We explore the secrets behind Lombard Odier’s success as its profile rises in the region. Banker Middle East catches up with Arnaud Leclercq, a limited partner at the Swiss bank.

How can you plan for your retirement? How can assets be allocated to ensure optimised post-tax returns? Read more on our case study that analyses the future of a retired entrepreneur after selling his business. 

Sustainability: the economic argument for investors

Healthcare, energy, food, mobility - all these sectors must be rethought in order to align with the transition to a sustainable growth model. Hubert Keller explains how this transition is a unique investment opportunity may offer significant returns.

Digitalisation – added value for asset managers and their clients

In the face of regulatory change, operational efficiency has become crucial. Cost reduction is achieved through tailor-made digital solutions, adapted to the needs of external asset managers. The personalised, tailor-made approach that is at the heart of the relationship between external asset managers and their clients will be strengthened. 

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Pension Planning and private banking

Whether you’re a CEO or an entrepreneur, we can help you plan for your future. Pension provisions are often under unexploited and we have a comprehensive approach to managing pension assets over the short-,medium- and long-term. Read more from our expert Philippe Gay, Head of Swiss Offering. 

As a family business, we’ve developed a personalised approach to allow entrepreneurs to manage their assets in a comprehensive, structured and efficient way, by integrating their private portfolios with their pension assets and the surplus liquidity from their companies. At Lombard Odier, we believe that every entrepreneur is unique. This is why, we favour a holistic approach and take a long-term view at your assets. Discover more in our case study.

“We look to identify the Eagles, not the Ostriches”

Frédéric Rochat explains our expertise in identifying companies committed to sustainability. The Eagles. Those who refuse to adapt or deny the Sustainability Revolution risk disappearing. We call these the Ostriches. Read more on our values, technology and our capabilities to do this on behalf of our clients.