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Sustainable investing is booming and a new approach should provide some clarity

What is sustainability and how do we measure it? Our Managing Partner Hubert Keller discusses the sometimes blurred lines of sustainable investing, its complexities and how Lombard Odier defines a sustainable business as one that transitions to net-zero emissions.

Sustainability – at the core of effective stewardship

What is driving greater awareness of sustainability issues within banking, and how does this translate into the development of service offerings? Patrick Odier, our Senior Managing Partner, shares his insights.

The pandemic has strengthened our conviction that technology is key

Technology is one of our key pillars. With our proprietary banking platform, we offer our back-office technology services to other institutions. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the importance of developing our tools and strengthening our positioning. Read the full interview from our Managing Partner, Alexandre Zeller.

The pandemic amplifies existing trends
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The pandemic amplifies existing trends

As lockdowns ease and economies open up, many are asking the question – what does a post-COVID world look like? From an economic standpoint, we believe that the pandemic only serves to reinforce existing trends. Low interest rates, low levels of inflation and depressed wages are here to stay. Most importantly, we need a vaccine or an effective treatment against the coronavirus to really move forward.

Combining the strategic vision of start-ups with the expertise of long-standing institutions

The COVID-19 crisis is calling for enhanced digitalisation and innovation. Yet start-ups, which develop these vital innovations, are suffering the consequences of the pandemic. In order to stay relevant, Switzerland must support these companies. The collaboration between start-ups and well-established companies might be the answer to securing Swiss competitiveness. More from our Senior Managing Partner, Patrick Odier, here.

The digital ecosystem in the time of Covid-19: a growth opportunity

The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated our dependence on digital solutions. In these times, bankers and external asset managers have relied upon technology to work and communicate but also to manage and preserve their clients’ wealth. Discover why, at Lombard Odier, we believe digitalisation is the future. 

The shift to a sustainable economy is irreversible

Could Zurich’s financial centre benefit from Geneva’s successful model? For Andreas Arni, Head of the Swiss Market, entrepreneurship and innovation are key to success.

The shift to a sustainable economy is irreversible

Powerful forces are at play in pushing forward the transition to achieving net zero. Our Managing Partner, Hubert Keller, explains the importance of the zero emissions target for investors, how we identify the winning and losing companies and the potential consequences of COVID-19 on the climate transition agenda. Read the full interview in NZZ am Sonntag here.