Introducing DYSFUNCTIONAL: the film.

DYSFUNCTIONAL is an exhibition by Carpenters Workshop Gallery presented in proud partnership with Lombard Odier. Unveiled at Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca' d'Oro Palazzo on Venice's Grand Canal during Biennale Arte 2019, DYSFUNCTIONAL presents works by 21 gifted artists that blend art, architecture and design in a singular expression of craftsmanship and emotion. In this film, director Alex Grazioli captures an exquisite portrait of DYSFUNCTIONAL, its works and the artists who created them.

Exploring sustainability in the sinking city

Among the themes explored by DYSFUNCTIONAL is that of sustainability. For instance, in his piece Tide Colour, Stuart Haygarth brings together translucent plastic objects he found washed up on the coasts of England into a colourful chandelier. Its shape—a perfect sphere—echoes the moon, whose gravitational dance with our planet create the tides that serve up reminders of our wasteful practices in the form of the plastic detritus of which Tide Colour is made.

DYSFUNCTIONAL presents works by 21 gifted artists that blend art, architecture and design in a singular expression of craftsmanship and emotion.

Fragile Future by Studio Drift also touches on these themes, as well as embracing the DYSFUNCTIONAL ethos of pushing the boundaries of possibility and originality. Formed of hundreds of tiny dandelion seeds individually hand-glued onto LED lights and held together by bronze electrical circuits, the work is a powerful testament to the transience of our life and times. Just as innovative is Mathieu Lehanneur'Ocean Memories Acqua Alta, which embraces digital techniques to instantiate otherwise ephemeral states of the ocean surface into the solidity of marble.

Questioning everything

The interrogation of convention is omnipresent in DYSFUNCTIONAL. Perhaps most subversive is RENEGADE by Atelier Van Lieshout, in which he equalises the value of objects—including some of his own pieces—by turning them into a series of lamps, thereby challenging the market while also giving it what it claims to desire.

Among the DYSFUNCTIONAL works that reflect contemporary societal concerns is Audience by Random International, a set of mechanical mirrors tuned to simultaneously orient themselves toward the viewer and track their position. In this way, Audience evokes the sense of being surveilled and explores the uncomfortable connections between playful, collaborative action and the mechanical gaze.

Discover DYSFUNCTIONAL in Venice until 24 November.

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