The Grand Designers Behind Bellevue - Herzog & de Meuron, world renowned architects

    The Grand Designers Behind Bellevue - Herzog & de Meuron, world renowned architects

    The ability to constantly rethink the world around us and innovate in the interest of our clients is our strength. Earlier this year, we announced our plans to build a new strategic headquarters in Bellevue, Switzerland, to symbolise the bank of tomorrow, showcase extraordinary architecture that blends with its surroundings, creates a modern workspace and offers the best client experience. We launched an international architectural contest and the unanimous winner was the Swiss-based Herzog & de Meuron, one of the most renowned practices in the world, makers of architectural masterpieces such as the Tate Modern and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Stadium.


    Established in 1978, Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron make up the elite Pritzker Prize-winning practice of Herzog & de Meuron. Known to many as the talent behind the some of the world’s greatest buildings, this dynamic duo has decades of creativity, unparalleled concepts and multiple signature styles.

    One of their most well-known achievements is situated on the embankment of the River Thames in London. The Tate Modern. A conversion of the former Bankside Power Station, it is one of the most visited contemporary art museums in the world. An imposing, modern building touched with a stroke of genius, the architects were able to restore, redesign and reimagine this epic space. It’s no surprise that they were recommissioned to create the extension to the Tate Modern aka The “Switch House” which sits elegantly, yet proudly behind the power station and nestles into the skyline.

    Constantly evolving, Herzog & de Meuron, have an extraordinary arsenal of techniques and methods of construction including the bold statement of the Tate Modern and the glamourous and unmistakable “Birds Nest” lattice of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Stadium. Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie concert hall’s great glass construct has awed critics and fans alike and one cannot forget their bowed glass structure that ebbs and flows for the Brandenburg Technical University Library in Cottbus, Germany. Even fashion hasn’t escaped this duet. Prada houses a flagship shop in Tokyo that bears their ambitious handwriting of movement, glass and experimental materials.

    Ambition clearly lies at the heart of Herzog & de Meuron and this is truly in keeping with our own spirit: to rethink everything and continually transform to better serve our clients and our colleagues. There is no doubt that this twosome will be able to create the bank of the future for Lombard Odier. A place where old meets new and where the natural elements synthesise with construction. The structure will be open and transparent, just as we have been, and will continually be, to the world around us. Their grand design, for Lombard Odier, will result in a one-of-a-kind sustainable building that provokes exchange, innovation and performance.

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