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Sustainable investing: the dawn of a new economic era. An interview with our Co-Senior Managing Partner, Hubert Keller

Hubert Keller, our Co-Senior Managing Partner, analyses the transformation of our economic model and the companies that are leading the way towards a Circular, Lean, Inclusive and Clean (CLIC™) economic model. Discover our investment convictions here.

Lombard Odier partners with Access To Water to distribute clean water in Senegal

Together with Access To Water, Lombard Odier has launched a new investment solution that aims to support the distribution of 60 million litres of clean water per year fulfilling the daily needs of over 83’500 people in Senegal, and provide water efficiency. Read more about this initiative here. 

Asia Investment Strategy H2 2021 – Global growth stabilisation and deceleration

Learn more about our latest recommendations in Asia for H2 2021 from Jean-Louis Nakamura, Chief Investment Officer, Asia. 

Satellite imagery- how the eye in the sky can help with problems on the ground
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Satellite imagery- how the eye in the sky can track methane leaks

Methane leaks have proven very dangerous to the environment and extremely difficult to track. Over the last 15 years, scientists have developed a way to track the gas using satellites. Read more here. 

How are innovative companies preparing for tomorrow’s healthcare?

Discover here the current challenges and opportunities linked to healthcare, as well as the underlying trends that the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated with Jérôme Berton, a healthcare portfolio manager and pharmacist.

Inflation spikes prove more durable when the chips are down

US inflation hit a three-year high as pandemic-hit sectors recover and shortages raise prices. The Fed should still pace asset tapering and interest rate rises in line with full employment.  

Rethinking technology to reduce our environmental impact
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Rethinking technology to reduce our environmental impact

If used in the right way, technology can be an enabler of sustainability and encourage the transition to a cleaner future. Discover more here with our experts Geoffroy de Ridder, Head of Technology & Operations and Richard Denglos, Head of IT Infrastructure

Making Switzerland the home of sustainability
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Making Switzerland the home of sustainability

At the “Gemeinsam für Zürich” online event by the Finanz und Wirtschaft Forum, Patrick Odier, Senior Managing Partner, shared his views on how Switzerland should become the default destination for sustainable finance.