Patrick Odier participates in The World Forum for a Responsible Economy

    Patrick Odier participates in The World Forum for a Responsible Economy

    The World Forum for a Responsible Economy took place in Lille, France where for 13 years it has gathered corporations and entrepreneurs with a focus on sustainability and impact. Patrick Odier was invited along with Ebba Lepage, our Head of Corporate Sustainability, as there was a strong interest in understanding the role of sustainable financial institutions in the development of a responsible economy. The conference participants included many B Corp companies and Lombard Odier's participation in the B Corp movement was highlighted.

    Patrick Odier participated in the panel ‘Positive Impact Finance: The Power of Money to Boost the Responsible Economy’ where he emphasised that it is the fiduciary responsibility of wealth managers to invest in sustainable companies. “We must hardwire any investment decision to one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals,” Patrick said during the panel. “Banks, wealth managers, asset managers and investors all have an impact through the ways we allocate capital. Done in the right way, capital is a powerful accelerator in the transition to a sustainable economic model”.


    An interactive discussion with the audience focused on concrete actions that banks can take to facilitate the development of a responsible economy, as well as the challenges for companies that wish to transform their business models.

    Edward Matsiko Isingoma, Managing Partner, Pearl Capital Partners in Uganda, highlighted, “the significant capital inflows into African impact funds are from Family Offices and Foundations. Institutions are lagging”.

    Patrick Odier further explained Lombard Odier's sustainable investment thesis, with the imagery of eagles and ostriches generating significant interest. The panel moderator, Leor Rotchild of the Canadian Business for Social Responsibility, stated that he would use this comparison when challenging his clients, usually North American oil and gas companies, as to the position they ought to strive for.

    Closing the session, the panelists agreed that “each of us has the power within us to execute positive change”, linking to the World Forum's theme this year of how each individual has the responsibility to work toward a sustainable economy.

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