serving UK resident non-domiciled (RND) clients.

    optimising your wealth across borders.

    optimising your wealth across borders.

    As a non-domiciled or deemed domiciled UK resident, you want flexible and tailored banking solutions that maximise the potential of your wealth. You might be looking to invest efficiently across borders or make the best provisions for your children’s future.

    Whether you’re relocating to the UK or changing your tax status, we’ll help you structure your international assets.

    Our experienced bankers and tax experts will work with your advisors to create a wealth plan specifically designed to meet your needs. Then, using our dedicated UK RND service, powered by industry-leading wealth management technology, we’ll optimise your wealth for the long-term.

    We are continuously monitoring developments following the Conservative government’s announcement of plans to abolish the RND tax regime from 6 April 2025. While the drafting of legislation to implement the proposals has temporarily stalled because of the build-up to the election on 4 July, the opposition Labour Party has said it largely supports the Conservative proposals, although with some notable differences on inheritance tax and trusts. Whichever party wins power is unlikely to publish more detail on its intentions until autumn, but we are primed to analyse any policy statements released by either side in the meantime.

    how do we serve UK resident non-domiciled clients?

    discover our UK RND Services

    A highly personalised solution supported by cutting-edge wealth technology

    a comprehensive UK Resident Non-Domiciled (RND) solution.

    Our UK RND service is specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals who are, or have previously been, subject to UK tax on the remittance basis. Four key service components ensure that we deliver the best possible outcomes:

    1. bespoke client service.

    We believe in bespoke solutions delivered by senior advisors. Our team of UK bankers and wealth planners will take the time to understand your international context and the challenges you face.

    They have a thorough and practical understanding of the UK RND and Deemed Domiciled regimes, as well as cross-border implications from a tax and legal perspective.

    They will engage constructively with your professional advisors and bring specific expertise on cross-border relocation and inheritance planning.

    2. tailored investment solutions.

    We are investment specialists, focused solely on wealth and asset management services. Our local portfolio managers specialise in tax-efficient advisory and discretionary portfolio management, with an average of 20 years’ experience each.

    They work closely with your banker and draw on the skills of over 300 investment experts and asset class specialists across our Group, one of the largest investment intelligence teams of any private bank.

    We offer investment mandates with built-in controls to ensure ongoing efficiency with regard to UK RND taxation. We also have the capacity to use your account as security for a Lombard Loan, a flexible credit facility that can be used to preserve clean capital or generate liquidity for offshore spending.

    Using our dedicated UK RND service, powered by industry-leading wealth management technology, we’ll optimise your wealth for the long-term

    3. optimal account structure.

    The legal requirements of the RND regime are technical and complex. Compliance with UK tax law requires that your wealth is managed precisely according to particular guidelines, and these will change significantly from 6 April 2025.

    Our highly experienced wealth planners will create a system of segregated offshore accounts tailored to your specific needs, ensuring full compliance so that you can focus on your goals. They are also available to advise you on the implications of the upcoming changes to the RND regime.

    4. cutting-edge wealth technology.

    Our dedicated RND solution leverages our proprietary, cutting-edge wealth technology to mitigate risk while maximising control.

    A fully automated cash flow system ensures that returns from investment are paid into the correct account, while our sophisticated risk control framework prevents any potentially problematic accounting operations or unauthorised investments.

    sustainable investing.

    At Lombard Odier, we believe that sustainability represents one of the greatest investment opportunities in history. Our portfolio management now incorporates analysis that aims to identify companies with sustainable financial models, business practices and business models. We also offer portfolios where sustainability is the main driver of security selection, pure impact strategies, and sustainable portfolios tailored to your specifications.

    Read more on our sustainable investing strategy.

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