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Fighting fit? Germany and Switzerland, a tale of two exporters

Germany, Switzerland, two export-dependent economies with varying fortunes. While Germany’s economy has come close to recession, despite a weak euro and needs concerted investment in the country’s infrastructure, Switzerland’s exporters have proven resilient and adapted to a strong franc.

At the Venice Biennale 2019, sustainability plays an important role as many artists took to their craft to comment on the state of the world. The Nordic pavilion depicts human negligence towards other species, Anthony Hernandez points out the obsessive over-consumption that is plaguing our society and Jimmy Durham displays the drastic near extinction of our ecosystem. It's time for a change. More here.

Global trade disruption, escalating as the US applies more tariffs, remains the single greatest threat to the world economy. It increasingly looks like the wrong weapon and the wrong target.

The ECB’s path forward: struggling to change the game

The European Central Bank has started to acknowledge the adverse impact of negative interest rates on banks. Can the eurozone’s monetary authority implement more easing policies at this stage? In our view, the ECB will most likely focus on TLTROs and a tiered reserve system.

Lombard Odier unveils new support for UK life sciences

On World Environment Day, our Head of Impact Investing & SRI, Bertrand Gacon, discusses how we should rethink our consumption and production models. From eliminating waste to eco-design, he explains how consumers and businesses can stand to benefit and help protect our planet for the future. Read his thought leadership piece here.

Faced with a choice between backtracking on election pledges and further destabilising Italy’s coalition government or a fight with the European Commission over budget deficits, the Italian government looks set for confrontation with the eurozone’s guardians.

While investors might be concerned about prospects for a yuan devaluation, we believe that the bar is set high for such a move. Opting for the currency stability seems like a more plausible scenario for China. Find out why in our latest investment strategy bulletin.

Lombard Odier unveils new support for UK life sciences

Why Lombard Odier is sponsoring the ground-breaking UK life sciences sector.