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Nachhaltiges Investieren: eine wirtschaftliche Notwendigkeit für die Anleger

Gesundheitsversorgung, Energie, Ernährung, Mobilität - all diese Bereiche müssen neu überdacht werden, um dem Übergang zu einem nachhaltigen Wachstumsmodell gerecht zu werden. Hubert Keller erklärt, wie dieser Übergang eine einzigartige Investitionsmöglichkeit ist, die signifikante Renditen bringen kann.

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Through the Brexit fog: no-deal risk dissipates

The risk of a no-deal Brexit is dissipating. The UK parliament postponed the vote on the revised Withdrawal Agreement, and adopted the Letwin amendment, which seeks to prevent a no-deal Brexit. It seems unlikely that the UK will crash out of the EU without a deal. We look at the costs to the UK economy and implications for sterling.

A conference for corporate representatives and entrepreneurs focusing on sustainability and impact, the Forum included a panel featuring our Senior Managing Partner, Patrick Odier, on sustainable finance

Digitalisation – added value for asset managers and their clients

In the face of regulatory change, operational efficiency has become crucial. Cost reduction is achieved through tailor-made digital solutions, adapted to the needs of external asset managers. The personalised, tailor-made approach that is at the heart of the relationship between external asset managers and their clients will be strengthened. 

FBN Next Generation Lombard Odier Award 2019 – Förderung der nächsten Unternehmergeneration

Der Gewinner des FBN NxG Lombard Odier Award 2019 wurde bekannt gegeben. Die Partnerschaft zwischen dem Family Business Network und Lombard Odier würdigt intrapreneuriale und unternehmerische Projekte, die durch die nächste Generation von Inhabern eines Familienunternehmens initiiert werden. Erfahren Sie mehr über den Gewinner und die Finalisten.

When it comes to sustainability in food, one company is determined to lead the way. We spoke to Blandine Stefani, Danone’s B Corp Director, about why sustainability is good business.

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Brexit: close to a breakthrough?

The UK and the EU might be inching closer to a Brexit deal. Discover what the potential agreement means for GBP and watch the full video.

US recession - are we nearly there yet?
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US recession - are we nearly there yet?

With US politics in turmoil, the US economy is sending conflicting health signals. We look at the economic indicators and ask how worried investors should be about a US recession.