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Defining tomorrow's food today
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Defining tomorrow's food today

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How we eat in the future was the subject of the fourth Lombard Odier women's breakfast which was held recently in our offices in Paris. Between food waste, persistent hunger and increases in obesity rates, what we put on our plates today is never far from discussion.

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A Q&A on Brexit developments and GBP implications

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With so many twists and turns in the Brexit drama, we present a short overview of recent events, and elaborate on the implications for sterling.


Acleda: financial inclusion in Cambodia

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Acleda is a microfinance institution created in 1993 in Cambodia. It was founded as an NGO to assist refugees returning from Thai camps in Cambodia following the Cambodian conflict, who had often lost everything. Acleda developed in the following years to become a traditional commercial bank.

Access to financial services: a fundamental right

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People need to access funds to found a company, manage financial and environmental risks, invest in the education of their children and deal with unexpected medical costs. Consequently, financial inclusion plays a major role in economic development, allowing longer-term projects to be set up.

Lebanon looks to avoid step from political to financial crisis

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Lebanon is trying to avoid adding a financial crisis to its political and economic woes. After the optimism of May 2018’s parliamentary election, its first since 2009, talks to form a balanced government along religious lines stalled, delaying reforms to address the world’s third-highest government debt-to-gross domestic product ratio. 

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Leonard Wantchekon is a tenured professor of political science and economics at Princeton University. In this interview, he shares his expert opinion on how economic and social development can be effectively promoted in poor countries.

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Serving people, growing wealth

Lombard Odier’s Arnaud Leclercq on speculative investing, global economics and what banks need to do to protect their customers

Why is the yen roaring ahead, and is its rise sustainable?

The latest investment strategy bulletin contains our latest analysis on the relationship between the yen and the dollar for the last quarter of 2018. USDJPY has fallen by 5% over the last three months, with most of the move concentrated in December.