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    Global Investment Strategy 2020: Curing a hangover from trade

    Global Investment Strategy 2020: Curing a hangover from trade
    Stéphane Monier - Chief Investment Officer<br/> Lombard Odier Private Bank

    Stéphane Monier

    Chief Investment Officer
    Lombard Odier Private Bank
    Samy Chaar - Chief Economist and CIO Switzerland

    Samy Chaar

    Chief Economist and CIO Switzerland

    Will the world economy recover from the trade shock? We believe it will be a slow process in 2020, as the hangover from the trade war lingers.

    Meanwhile, accommodative central banks will keep yields low. And persistently low yields in traditional fixed income represent a major hurdle for investors. For our clients, this is strategic.

    The US elections and the trade dynamics will be key to investor sentiment in 2020. But these are only two reasons for caution. The cycle’s remarkable longevity, expensive asset valuations, and other geopolitical threats, including rising inequality across the globe, are all good reasons to keep a prudent and resilient portfolio positioning.

    Discover our 2020 investment outlook and find out how we position our clients’ portfolios in this slow-growth, low-rate environment in this video featuring Stéphane Monier, CIO Private Bank, and Samy Chaar, Chief Economist.

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