Making virtual reality a reality - Lombard Odier at the World VR Forum


Making virtual reality a reality - Lombard Odier at the World VR Forum

Today's complex and ever changing world is being fuelled by technology which offers exciting investment opportunities.

At Lombard Odier, we've spent the last two centuries leading in this space and are proud to have partnered with innovative collaborators such as World VR Forum to explore the promising world of Virtual Reality technology.

The World VR Forum was hosted at Crans Montana between 7-10 June. Lombard Odier invited guests, hosted future-thinking discussions and offered our clients a glimpse of the near-future. The ambition of this summit was to bring together innovators and thought leaders, build bridges between different markets, to discuss funding opportunities to take VR to the next level and to take stock of this emerging technology.

The debates varied from the application of VR right through to discussing ways to market the tool and scale up this growing technology. From an investment point of view, Lombard Odier focused on ways companies can garner investment in this space - not just on the corporate side but also within the start-up universe. Much was discussed from ways to fund raise, current VR and AR (augmented reality) trends, ways in which this sector needs to develop in terms of platform and the importance of refining the experience.

No VR event would be complete without virtual immersion. Many guests plunged into this alternative world. Each section offered a rethink angle on everyday experiences . Some guests enjoyed a bird- flight simulator. This not only gave one the experience of flying, it opened up a new way to see cities and this could transform the travel industry. Others were totally absorbed by the live body immersion and the gamification of the technology. From table football to multiplayer games, guests were treated to novel moments. Sporting experiences played a big part in many of the booths. From virtual paragliding to skiing, athletics VR is certainly on the up.

Without a doubt, VR could be a powerful tool in all industries. From medical training to engineering, it not only increases the precision of execution - it reduces hardware and personnel costs. It offers an opportunity to offer a more personalised experience and to create tailored content, for users. It's possible that this could be a new frontier for would- be investors.

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