Celebrating 10 Years in our Madrid Office

Celebrating 10 Years in our Madrid Office

We’re celebrating 10 years in our Madrid office! Our Maison has always had a global focus combined with local expertise so we can best serve our clients and we are proud of our international presence.

Under the stunning backdrop of the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Art in Madrid, Lombard Odier and guests, celebrated the 10th anniversary of our Spanish office. For over 220-years, Lombard Odier has been innovating, rethinking and building a global presence in order to best serve our clients. Over the last decade, we have been committed to the Spanish market and we will continue to pursue our strategies there, for the long-term. 

Our Managing Partner, Frederic Rochat, hosted the event, alongside Spain’s Local Managing Director, José Couret and Henry Fischel-Bock, head of our European Private Banking business. Fréderic Rochat, gave a speech assuring the audience that our clients will remain at the center of our focus and further pledged our continued dedication to Spain.

Set in the heart of Madrid’s cultural scene, guests were given a private view of the exclusive gallery under the expert eye of a Royal Academy patron, and were able to see a stunning collection of Ruebens, de Zubarràn and Goya’s works. The Royal Academy of Fine Arts holds the sole standing self portrait of Goya and the partygoers were privy to this rare piece.

At Lombard Odier, we are a patron of the arts, and culture is part of our legacy. Our tradition of supporting innovation and creative goes hand in hand with this event and with our 10th anniversary celebrations.

We look forward to the next ten years and more.


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